Designer Marcus King Wants Jennifer Lawrence to Wear His Oscar Dress (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence
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First, Facebook got Betty White to host Saturday Night Live. Now, a YouTube user is hoping to get Oscar nomineeĀ Jennifer Lawrence to wear one of his designs to Hollywood's biggest night next month.

Marcus King, 24, recently uploaded a video to YouTube, in which he creatively pitched a campaign to catch the Silver Linings Playbook beauty's eye, through drawings, slideshows and smooth-talking.

"Make a young boy's dream come true," he says in the video, uploaded Jan. 13.

Already, the video is catching on like fire on YouTube -- which was more than enough reason for Celebuzz to bring him in for an interview.

So, why Jennifer Lawrence?

"She's at an interesting part in her career right now, where she's becoming a household name from a young new actress, and I think that she can still pinpoint what she likes and define her style, because it's not really been defined as," he said.

"Something stunning. I think something very elegant -- timeless, classy. Something that maybe shows off her body more, because she has a curvier body. She's a healthy-looking girl, and I think that something that really flatters her figure would go nicely."

For more ideas from Marcus King, watch our exclusive interview, above.



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  • Toni

    But I wish he showed some of his dresses, not just sketches.

  • Toni

    Well if there was an award for "Most Likeable Young Designer" he'd win it!