‘Girls’ Allison Williams Says Watching Her Sex Scenes With Her Family Makes ‘People Vomit’

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On Monday night’s Chelsea Lately, Girls star Allison Williams admitted that she’s watched every single sex scene she’s done on the show (and there have been quite a few) with her entire family — including her famous father, NBC anchor Brian Williams.

The 25-year-old didn’t even shield them from her most-recent graphic encounter where William’s character, Marnie, had awkward sex with a gay man (Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells), a scene that was so uncomfortable to watch that Chelsea Handler specifically asked about it.

Handler said, “That’s weird. And it would be weirder to watch with your dad.”

To which Williams bluntly replied, “Which I did.”

Williams explained that she preps her family in advance for each scene, giving them the most technical explanation she can to prepare them and try to eliminate the “weirdness.”

But even with all that prep work, her family still has trouble stomaching the scenes: “People are vomiting in their chairs,” she said. Well, hopefully that means that she’s doing her job well. The scenes are just that realistic.

What do you think of the sex scenes in Girls? Are they too graphic? Do you think it’s odd that Williams watches them with her family?

Watch the clip above to hear more of Williams’ interview with Handler.

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