'Supernatural' Boss: Felicia Day, Ty Olsson and 'Maybe' Liane Balaban Returning on Season 8

"She's going to bring a case to them."
'Supernatural': Felicia Day to return
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Supernatural has built a series eight seasons strong around two main characters, and that is how Executive Producer Bob Singer likes it.

"They’re traditional loners, and we wanted to keep it that way… Part of the appeal is they’re these ‘Last Men Standing,'" Singer said of Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) during a special Q&A in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday.

But, that doesn't mean that the show is ignoring the appeal of some of their recurring players and guest stars.

Of course, Castiel (Misha Collins) will be back sooner, rather than later.

“He’s really crucial to the tablet story,” Singer said. “He’s going through a trial of his own that’s personal. Naomi is very unhappy with him; Crowley is very unhappy with him; and he is a confused angel right now.”

But additionally, Felicia Day, whose immediate fan-favorite second episode, "LARP and the Real Girl," just aired last week was announced to be returning for a third guest appearance (her second this season) before the end of the year.

"We love Felicia!" Singer said, before noting that they are just starting to break the end of the season in the writer's room and details on her episode are still being worked out.

"This time around, she's going to bring a case to them," he said.

Additionally, Ty Olsson and Liane Balaban both played heavily into the first half of the season's "flashback arc" to set up conflicts and relationships Sam and Dean experienced without each other in the year they were apart. Singer confirmed that the flashbacks are finished for the season, but that doesn't mean so are Olsson and Balaban's times on the show.

"He was really fighting the good fight of trying not to give into his blood lust, and I think Dean having to cut the tie is a hard thing for him. So, we’ll explore that — what he’ll be going through — we never felt that story was totally ended. It’s probably not great drama to end a whole arc on a phone call!" Singer said of Olsson.

When it comes to Balaban, Singer was less willing to commit to a how and a when of a return, only noting that "maybe" she'd reappear down the line.

"We think she's a really valuable character; we liked her a lot; and she certainly creates a new complication in Sam's life. Again, we're just kind of doing the end of the season now in the room, and I know that we've talked about bringing her back, but we don't have anything specific."

Supernatural airs on Wednesdays at 9PM on The CW.

Which of these guest stars' returns make you most excited? Let us know in the comments below!

-- Danielle Turchiano

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  • Michele

    It didn't seem like most people have been saying they don't like Sam or Dean but that they don't want it to be just Sam and Dean. The show is and should always be about them first and foremost and no one seemed to be saying otherwise. However, having supporting friends and family(or the family that isn't actually blood) makes the show more interesting, gives them more backup in the face of ever-increasing danger and on Season 8 if we'd never had Cas, Bobby, Ellen, Jo etc I would be really sick of them sitting on the Impala telling the same old jokes and not having any other influences in their lives and I don't want that to ever happen. Maybe it's a difference of some of us being used to shows like Buffy and Angel where they were the main characters of their show without a doubt but had a group of supporting characters around them ... I dunno. i know I love Sam and Dean and the show wouldnt exist without them but also I love Cas, miss Bobby/Ellen/Jo like there's no tomorrow and am interested in what happen with Benny and Charlie.

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    Well, The CW hasn't officially made a decision on season nine at all yet, but honestly, I don't know that we should assume the tablet story would wrap up at the end of eight. I have my own theory, but Jeremy Carver has said he fleshed out a two season arc when he took the showrunner title.

  • Deborah

    I want Cas back and I'm worried, if he's just 'important to the tablet story,' that means he won't even be in season 9 and there's no guarantee he'll survive season eight. To me this show is Team Free Will!! That means Dean, Sam, AND Cas. I don't want the Winchester brothers to be 'loners,' again. I don't understand why Singer is so convinced that is the way to take the characters. It's too limited; it stagnates them! As for Amelia, PLEASE don't bring her back. BORING!

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    Thank you. I love the show and am thrilled to write about it here at Celebuzz. I just hope you guys like the rest of what Singer had to say during our Q&A. A couple more posts coming soon...

  • Sue Lyn
    Sue Lyn

    I just want to say I love what you said. all of it. I like totally feel the same way....I mean of course there are characters I dont like,but there are also plenty that I do. I especially love charlie and Benny.

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    Just wanted to add that I love the last line of your comment; it's so true. Perfectly sums up the show.

  • Sue Lyn
    Sue Lyn

    I get the feeling that Bob Singer is just saying what he thinks will appease all fans. the bro fans and the cas fans. Not sure I appreciate that. I'm not a cas fan,but i'm not sure I agree with the core of the show being about loners. I always thought the core of the show was about Family. We all know from the show that family doesnt end with blood ,and that blood doesnt make you family. So yeah I enjoy Benny,Garth,charlie. I miss Bobby,Ellen,Jo,and sheriff mills. They were family. I think the writers made a bad choice when they killed the road house. These were characters that added to the show. their own hunting and supernatural experience. their past knowledge of the boys family. Hell Bobby was an excellent character that brought other hunters into the mix. I think the writers need to consider bringing back more of a hunting community. Maybe their grandpa will show them a better way to hunt that doesnt mean being loners. I could do without amelia though. I love the actress,and the character does great with sam,but to me she will always be a reminder that sam didnt look for dean. Thanks to the writers wanting to "EXPLORE" that horrible idea. But yeah...I'm a bro fan,but I dont see them as loners. At times they are ,but they dont have to be...the story is still their story,but that doesnt mean other characters cant be a part of it.

  • Sue Lyn
    Sue Lyn

    Okay I'm hungry now....lol

  • sally

    I like Robert's comment. I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it's a crazy opinion. To the people who dont' like it just being Sam and Dean, then I guess you have no business watching the show since it's always been just sam and Dean with character coming and going in their lives. You might not like it, but it's worked for 8 seasons with outstanding ratings. You think by posting crazy posts like that knowing full well this is Sam and Dean's show, that people will take you seriously? You just come of as nuts. it's ok to like other characters, but those charaacters never stay, they just enhance Sam and Dean's relationship in some way. It's always been this way and it has always worked. You guys can vent all you want, you can vent like this while the show is on it's last season in season 10, but it's you guys who come off as fans who don't actually enjoy the show, you only enjoy that one aspect of the show that is Cas. If Cas was so appealing, he would have his own spin of, he would be in every episode, he would be in an episode more then 10 minutes. But the show is fine without him there all the time, even though I understand fans love him, but even without him there the ratings are fine and never falter. I love recurring characters just as much as the other fan, but this show will always be about Sam and Dean, and they are loners. The ones who don't get that, don't understand the show.But the constant venting is not going anywhere, it's not going to change anything. These reporters are fans just like us, they have no say in the changing of stories. I am just saying because every comment here is like every comment on every other article, it's like all you guys do is whine and nit pick on every word that is said or written, but online fans do not equate to the majority of fans who watch the show live and deliver the good ratings. So you guys might hound every news article and rather then discuss the show, you would rather whine and speak horrible about Sam and Dean and how you don't like that the show focuses on them, when the show is about them! I can tell you guys apart. In the end, Carver is going to write what is best for Sam and Dean, not what is best for only a handful of online fans who don't do anything but be negative all the time. It's gotten annoying.

  • Steph C
    Steph C

    I'm kind of tired of it just being Sam and Dean, actually. I do love them and I care about them, but when the show is JUST about them, it gets old. I know Sam and Dean are the meat and potatoes of the show. But I'm dying for some gravy, or perhaps making cornbread a permanent part of the meal instead of just a special treat when you need more guests at the dinner table. I can't eat the same thing every night, no matter how much I like it.

  • eaksoy

    “They’re traditional loners, and we wanted to keep it that way…” Which is why I watch Supernatural every other episode. I got bored with them honestly. An ensemble cast while expensive would be ideal to pick up the show.

  • Dot

    While Sam and Dean are the rock and foundation of Supernatural, and I'm not saying they aren't, how appealing it is to keep them isolated is a matter of opinion. I'm disappointed to hear one of the showrunners say that. It was fine for the early seasons but shows need to grow or they get stale and the supporting characters have always, from the start, been a huge part of the show's "appeal" to me in addition to the brother relationship and Sam and Dean as characters. To some viewers Sam and Dean in total isolation is appealing but not to all and I don't think we can say who's a majority and you also I don't feel it's misunderstanding what The Show is Really About to feel differently about it. SPN fans are a diverse bunch! And in part I think it's actually better for the story of the two beloved leads that they not stay so isolated--being alone increases the strain between them and it's totally unrealistic to me if SPN decides that isolation is the way to heal this relationship. But I appreciate also that Robert Singer understands that many fans adore the supportings and enjoy what they bring to SPN. I hope we'll have a lot more Castiel in season 8 and we'll get more of his pov. I love Castiel and he's become a crucial part of SPN to me, this character has so many more stories to tell in him and I want to see more of his journey. I'm also very happy to hear we'll have more of Benny's story (and I hope he does stick around). Charlie and Kevin are also big favorites with me, and I like Amelia (and Liane's performance) and the lights this storyline shed on Sam, who has needed a more human emotion-based storyline. SPN is always going to bring the brothers back together and I'm happy about that, I do love that relationship, but I hope the other elements don't get lost in the process.

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    YES! I totally agree with you there. In my recaps, I kept reading into things, saying maybe Sam's memories of Amelia were that kind of rosy hindsight you only get after someone is gone from your life and you're pining for them to be back in-- anything to give the story more weight than what I felt the show was delivering. But I think that's because the bottom line was Amelia truly represented a normal life (until Don came back from the fake dead), and let's be honest, normal life on TV, especially when compared to fighting demons, is kind of dull. I like that she's still out in the world representing what Sam can have after the fighting is all over, but I fear the only way to tie her further in is for Crowley to realize what she means to Sam and to hurt her/use her to lure in Sam as demons did previously with Dean and Lisa.

  • FB

    I'm still so puzzled that Amelia didn't fit in the overall supernatural storyarc. She was just a side carachter whose function was to create friction between Sam and Dean? Benny was so fleshed out and interesting .. and Amelia so out of place ... And I'm still not over the soap operish twist about Don being alive all of a sudden ... I feel like any moment now they're gonna tie everyting in ... I still hope they do.

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    I totally understand your concerns about the loner comment, but the show *has* delivered eight seasons with only two main characters, and a handful of supporting/recurring, and everyone seems to agree it works. Bob wasn't saying there will be no other people in Sam and Dean's life; in fact, by confirming the return of Charlie and Benny, he was saying the opposite. The show is just centered on Sam and Dean, always has been, always will be, and the others come and go. I agree that Bobby, Ellen, and Jo were all absolutely family to the boys, but even they weren't sacred enough not to be killed off. It sounds harsh, absolutely, but that's always been what's so unique about the Winchesters: they lose a lot of loved ones along the way but still go on fighting together. It's not about pushing people away; it's just the nature of their lifestyle. I'm not trying to imply Benny or Charlie or anyone else currently in their lives (Cas, Garth, etc) won't survive the season, though. Sometimes "coming and going" just means a person is in the Winchesters' lives but not physically present on their case of the week or in most of the episodes. These boys have ties to other people; they're just not around all the time. We've seen them call Garth for help (in the past, we saw them call Bobby), so even if they're not in episodes, they're still a part of their lives. This post was to confirm who would be returning in actual episodes, though.

  • Jess

    So I'm going to try and be the crazy optimist here and not see Robert Singer's "loners" comment as "it's only about Sam and Dean". Yes, it comes off bad, but I'm trying to see it in a the standpoint of, it's a hunting life, and you can't make attachments unless you want those people to be caught in the crossfires. The life brings a lot of dangers, and the boys know this. That doesn't mean I don't want more characters, because I'm sorry but you can't have a show lasting eight years with just two leads and keeping it that way. Just, no. Recurring characters are a necessity. Without them you have nothing. I want Cas, I want Charlie, I want Benny and Garth and Kevin and Mrs. Tran and Amelia. I want the brothers to have friends and relationships and not be afraid to take those chances just because they fear repercussions. Enough is enough. I'm not viewing it as a codependency issue, but I am seeing it as a "playing it too safe" issue. That's just sad, and quite frankly needs to stop already. The boys deserve some normalcy at least once in a while, if they want it. "Supernatural has built a series eight seasons strong around two main characters, and that is how Executive Producer Bob Singer likes it." Now this sentence I can understand as coming off as bad, and frankly, I am on the fence about it. I can take this two ways. I can view it as "all about Sam and Dean" or I can see it as "It's about Sam and Dean". What's the difference? One obviously comes off as narrow; "It's Sam and Dean and no one else" while the other comes off as "the brothers will always come back to each other, obstacles or not". The two of them may want separate things, but in the end they're still family and they will put that above any issues they may have with each other. Both of them have betrayed each other in many many ways over the years, but they've also kept each other from falling apart, and I do like that dynamic. However what I don't like is the sense that they push away their friends or those they choose to have relationships with because of the endless amount of reasons, and that annoys me to no end. I don't want anymore of this 'being afraid' excuse and I would like to see the characters develop and actually try and have something that they want. My case in point, yes, it's about family, but as Bobby said it doesn't end in blood and that's been made obvious throughout the years. Bobby was like a father, Castiel is like a brother, Ellen and Jo like another mom and sister, and I potentially see the same of Charlie. I would love to see her become a part of their crazy group, of Team Free Will, and yes, it doesn't just have to be the dynamic duo to put it plainly. As I said before, they deserve to have attachments, even if it's dangerous, and that includes everyone currently still a part of their lives. No more of this "just the two of them and no one else" idea. Let them have their friends and loved ones. Let them have their angel, the foxhole buddy, the prophet, the girlfriend and even the most unlikely replacement for Bobby Singer. All these characters bring something, and I personally would not want to lose a single one anymore.

  • butterflydm

    I would be sad if this season is yet another season of grinding down the guys and making them lose everyone else they care about apart from each other, which is kinda how Singer's "Loners" comment comes across. They need other people in their lives -- like Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Garth, and, Amelia. Choosing to glorify a codependent mystique for 'the lonely pair' is just... sad.

  • Nikoshine

    I agree with Jen. Sam and Dean need people in their lives, people they can count on other than each other. I am happy the cast is being expended this season and that they found themselves new allies in Garth and Charlie. I am hoping to see more of Castiel with the boys. I'm happy to see Benny is back and I hope Amelia will be back. If not in season 8, maybe in season 9 as Sam's endgame? I want her to know about the Hunting World. HHonestly, I was never fan of the SamnDean show. I wasn't even aware it was a thing until I came into the fandom. When I started watching Supernatural, it was for the story of every season. Where's Dad? What are Azazel's plans and what are Sam's powers? How do we prevent Dean from going to Hell? Season 2 and 3 had wonderful reccuring characters I loved to hate (Gordon), or just loved (Bela). Season 4 and 5 are my favorite because of the myth arc and how the cast had been expended outside just Sam and Dean. I love Castiel, of course, but all other angels were fantastic too. Uriel, Anna, Lucifer, and boy did I love Zachariah! I also liked Chuck, Pamela and her and Anna's death upset me a lot. I loved Ruby, and in eight seasons her relationship with Sam stays my favorite onscreen "romance" for him. I liked that Ellen, Jo, Bobby and Rufus made their comeback, and Ash too. Those characters impacted on the show and on the Winchesters. It made Supernatural better. Not worse. Going back to season 1 formula with just Sam and Dean would not be enough now. The brothers are better when they interact with friends and foes, especially when the foes know them and what makes them tick.

  • Bruna

    If this turns out to be another season about Sam and Dean being codependen then I'll be very disapointed. Haven't we learned anything from the shittiness that was season 7? We need a fresh storyline! We need an assemble cast! I'm sick and tired of Cas being tortured just so he's sent away for several episodes without any regard for his fans. Bring him back! Bring Benny, Amelia, Garth, Kevin, Crowley back!

  • ilovehowyouletmefall

    I really hope that they bring Amelia back. I found her relationship with Sam to be engaging and refreshing; it can't just end the way they left it. I'd love to see her find out that Sam is a hunter, and how she'd react. It's funny how a producer saying that Castiel is "crucial" to the story does absolutely nothing to reassure Cas fans about his continued presence on the show. And I'm totally with my fellow fans on this. After season 7, I have trust issues with the show. I just need to know that they're never going to consider taking Cas out of the picture again.

  • Jenny

    I don't think Bob Singer knows what's good for this show anymore. He's basically helped destroy the brothers' relationship and now he wants to keep them "loners"? How wonderful to see 2 people fight week after week with no reprieve. Yeah, right. I really want to see more of Castiel with Sam and Dean. He's really my favorite character on the show anymore. It's also nice to see recurring characters like Charlie come back. I'm also intrigued by Benny. Please, no more Amelia though.

  • jen

    Ugh, no. Its such a shame that the writers keep clinging to this 'loner' philosophy. Its why I couldn't stand season 7-it was boring and incredibly depressing. All the great members of the Supernatural family except for Dean and Sam were gone. Its also exceptionally irritating when the writers make up new interesting characters and then kill them off after just a few episodes (presumably to keep the loner atmosphere going), but it also seriously impacts the drama. After 7 seasons, I know the formula for the episodes, trust me, it helps if I actually have some emotional investment in a character that's in danger, as opposed to a 'distressed-charecter-of-the-week' that I don't really give a crap about. Its awfully nice to have the surprising feeling of being able to worry about a character I know and would not like to die (because I know Sam and Dean are basically immortal so no worry there). I'd like to have it more often.

  • Jen

    It would be nice to know that Castiel was included with the boys in "the last men standing." God, I'm so tired of this. Can we please just make him a regular already? I'm so sick of having to worry about the fate of this character.

  • Avery Chasidy
    Avery Chasidy

    I will never understand Bob Singer. How is stunting Dean and Sam's character growth good? Them against the world never works. No one can read tablets but Kevin, no one can hack like Charlie, Garth is keeping the hunters organized, and Cas is their connection to The Host.

  • Sheri Walters
    Sheri Walters

    My feelings about Charlie being a permanent recurring character is that if we have to have a little sister Winchester added to the SPNverse, then once a season is quite enough for me. SPN needlessly killed off Bobby, Rufus and Ellen and didn't trade up with Garth, Kevin, and Charlie. I'm glad to hear Singer's "loners" comment. Now, if they would just quit writing scripts specifically for stunt-casted actors.

  • Gerrie

    Really unhappy to read Singer's "loner" philosophy. I love Team Free Will and want more Cas not less. Sigh.

  • Nathalie

    That comment about loners is the worst confimation I could get. SPN was never appealing to me like that. If Sam and Dean don't get other people involved in their lives, I'm out. This is terrible and sounds just like season 7.

  • Sam

    I just want Charlie and Castiel to meet. That'd be fun

  • Michele

    Castiel is the one I'm looking most forward to but for me, that goes without saying, however I'm also excited Charlie will be back! I'm on the fence about Benny and hope that it's Amelia's last episode, I don't hate her but just surprised she's back at all. Cover it?

  • Danielle Turchiano
    Danielle Turchiano

    I totally agree but I've wanted a female recurring character and am hoping that's Charlie. I don't think the return of these people will affect the brothers working on their relationship. In fact, I think the episodes in between now and then, where it's just focused on the two brothers together, will go a long way to repairing their relationship.

  • Marilyn

    Hallelujah! "“They’re traditional loners, and we wanted to keep it that way…" I love the lonely feeling the show has. That road story feel that marks it beyond other shows. And I love when recurring characters come back once in a while [not overdone] because it ensures continuity and tells the myth stories. SPN is too cavalier about killing them off for cheap drama. But Singer really needs to repair the damage to the brothers. It's not done yet.