Teresa Palmer: Nicholas Hoult Made it Easy to Fall for a Zombie (VIDEO)

Jonathan Levine’s new movie Warm Bodies asks audiences to believe that an attractive, able-bodied young woman could fall in love with a zombie – as in a real-deal, brains-eating dead guy. Who kills and eats her still-living boyfriend, no less.

But Teresa Palmer, who plays young crush object Julie Grigio, says that it was an easy prospect for her to imagine, thanks to the appeal of the actor she was starring opposite.

“It’s kind of easy when you’re acting opposite Nicholas Hoult,” she tells Celebuzz. “He’s so endearing.”

Hoult’s character R does indeed devour Julie’s boyfriend, played by Dave Franco (21 Jump Street). But even Palmer says that the character’s post-meal demeanor is too pleasant to resist.

“R, the character, is charming and sweet and nurturing and gentle and wants to take care of me,” she says. “One of the lines he keeps saying in the movie is ‘safe – keep you safe,’ and that is just so sweet!”

What do you think of Palmer’s assessment of her co-star, Nicholas Hoult? Is he a hunk, even in undead form? Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive video interview with Palmer and then let us know in the comments below – could you fall for a guy whose diet consists entirely of brains?

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