5 Reasons Why ‘Warm Bodies’ Star Teresa Palmer Should Be Hollywood’s Hottest Actress (PHOTOS)

Teresa Palmer's 'Bodies'
Get to know the star of the new supernatural romance.
All Hollywood actors find themselves negotiating various rungs on the ladder to success. Currently, Teresa Palmer is making her way to the top.

The Aussie actress has done the whole slow and steady thing with her career, appearing in several high-profile projects and, in doing so, elevating both the material and her profile. Case in point: A leading role in this Friday’s zombie rom-com, Warm Bodies.

To celebrate the film’s release, and its crazy talented (and attractive) leading lady, Celebuzz kicks off its new feature, Buzzworthy, with a look at why Palmer deserves all of our attention.

Since getting “discovered” in 2006 on the street in her hometown, Palmer quickly found herself on the “Next Big Thing” list.

She is consistently one of, if not the, best thing in anything she does. It’s only a matter of time before she finds a Hunger Games-level of success to give her household name status similar to that of her peer, Jennifer Lawrence.

Get to know why Palmer is one to watch in the gallery above, then check her out below in our exclusive clip for Warm Bodies!  

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