Hollywood and Vine: Who’s Really Using Twitter’s New App? (VIDEO)

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Who's legit online? We've got the real deal.
There’s a new app that Hollywood is eating up.

Vine, a video-sharing start-up that Twitter has recently acquired, allows users to record and upload six-second clips from their at a rapid speed — letting celebrities to share their everyday lives all within seconds of recording.

Though the application has been under fire for accidentally letting clips of adult content land on its Editor’s Picks, it nonetheless has attracted a pretty heavy celebrity following in the past week.

So who in Tinseltown has jumped onto this virtual trend?

Celebuzz has rounded up the 10 most entertaining Vine videos your favorite stars have made.










Which Vine accounts are you following, and which are your favorites? If there are any important or especially entertaining ones that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section below.