Watch: Julianne Hough Says Real-Life Abuse Prompted ‘Safe Haven’ Performance

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Though Julianne Hough revealed to Cosmopolitan in early January that she suffered from mental and physical abuse as a child, she declined to offer specifics, or reveal who was responsible.

But Hough has told Celebuzz that she chose to play an abused woman in the new film Safe Haven as a way to exorcise those traumatic experiences.

“I’ve moved on,” she said in a video interview.

“This was a great way for to do something that was healing and open for me, but also it could be helpful for others.”

In the film, Hough plays Katie, a fugitive from the law who hides out in a small North Carolina town after feeling she has no one to turn to for sympathy or support.

She said that she embraced the opportunity to tell victims of abuse not only that they have a voice, but their traumatic past or present needs not define their future.

“It’s about second chances,” Hough explained. “It’s about finding people that you love and that love you – and that you’re not alone.”

“Certain things happen, but it doesn’t dictate your life. You can start your life tomorrow, and that’s what Katie does.”

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive video interview with Hough for Safe Haven above. And then let us know in the comments section below – how important, or how inappropriate, is it for celebrities to come out with their stories of abuse?

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