Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner: Baby Bumps Now and Then (PHOTOS)

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How time flies.

Almost two decades ago, Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kris Jenner was baby bumpin' as she gears up to welcome daughter Kendall Jenner. Fast forward to today, her daughter Kim Kardashian is also expecting a baby of her own!

Celebuzz has dug deep into our vaults -- pulling out vintage Kardashian photos -- to take a blast from the past with reality TV's most famous family.

Seen in the photo above on the right, Kris and her husband Bruce Jenner were getting ready to expand their already-large brood, preparing to welcome their first child as a married couple as they attend the premiere of 1995's Batman Forever.

Now, Kim and beau Kanye West (left) are also looking forward to their first baby together. Seen in the photo above celebrating the New Year's Eve countdown in Las Vegas, the duo look as thrilled as Kris and Bruce back when they expecting (minus the 90s attire, of course).

Take a blast from the past and relive all of the Kardashians' vintage memories in the gallery -- above.

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  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    how the hell is Kris that huge at 4 months with Kendell unless all foru of her others were c-sections which wouldn't surprise me it's hollywood after all. we all know Kim will be enormous as shorter women tend to get bigger with pregnancy because their torso is shorter so there's less room for the baby to grow never mind bodytype and if complications come up. for example beloved Screen legend Joanne Woodward once admitted to gaining 72lbs while pregnant with her first surviving daughter Nell in part due to depression from a prior loss but she didn't get flack for it because the admission came more than 30 years after the fact while promoting the movie Mr Mrs Bridge for which she was nominated for an academy award. had she not miscarried she'd have been 24 weeks along when she won the oscar on March 26th 1958. here's a photo of her & Paul backstage after she won [IMG][/IMG]

  • ann

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  • prettyme

    Are you sure it's Kanye's and not your husband's or Ray J's, or Reggie's...that girls likes to spread it around. Prob has Bacterial Vaginosis so many sex partners. Just nasty!

  • Angelique Fuessel-Mata
    Angelique Fuessel-Mata

    OMG Chris Jenner looks gorgeous here ... she looks real. She uses all those botox and injection crap and now just looks fake. She was so beautiful without that crapola. The same as Kim...she lost her ethnic look she had about her before she got all those fillers and crap too. Wow we live in a world of plastics.