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It has been known for a long time that the Winchester Brothers of The CW’s Supernatural were destined for their life fighting demons and monsters — and even at times, angels.

But for a long time, they — and the audience by extension — believed it was solely because of their mother, Mary, who came from a long line of hunters and was later killed by a demon, setting their father on a path of revenge.

What “As Time Goes By” is out to show us all, though, is that their destiny cuts so much deeper than that.

On “As Time Goes By,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are shocked to see a man show up in their hotel room — a man who claims to be their grandfather, Henry Winchester (Gil McKinney). He time-traveled using a blood sigil that was supposed to take him to his son, John. But since John is dead, it dropped him at the feet of his next of kin. Literally.

“We spent time with the other side of the family, and we wanted to bring it full circle,” Supernatural executive producer Bob Singer said during a special screening and Q&A in Los Angeles, Calif.

“If you remember the Cupid episode [“My Bloody Valentine”], where we said, ‘This was ordained’ that [John and Mary] should get together, now we know why.’ It was supposed to be something different…but they became hunters by necessity.”

“As Time Goes By” explores just how connected Henry Winchester — and therefore his son John — was to the world of the supernatural, because Henry needs help stopping a demon who is a “Knight of Hell.” But if you’re expecting one big, happy family reunion, you’ve been watching the wrong show.

“John was a product of the fact that he didn’t have a father growing up. And as the first of many a bad luck for him, he always sort of held a grudge against his father because he thought his father deserted him,” Singer said.

“Dean is always in defense of his dad, and John made the ultimate sacrifice for Dean, so I think he takes this stuff a little more personally than Sam at times, and that’s something you’ll see in this…episode.”

It doesn’t help that Henry isn’t the warmest guy toward Dean and Sam, either. There is contention between Dean and his grandfather because Henry doesn’t really approve of the way his grandsons were ultimately raised—as hunters, rather than what he considers to be their “legacy” (but about which they really had no way of knowing).

“He’s a guy who’s more elegant and learned and educated,” Singer said of the contrast between Henry and the boys.

Blood is blood, though, and in true Winchester form, the brothers may not like having to help this guy they don’t know, let alone trust, but they will do it for the greater good. And in spending time with their dear ole granddad, they will learn a lot about their paternal blood line that sets up a “whole new chapter” for them in the back half of this season.

We don’t want to say too much about that new chapter until “As Time Goes By” has aired, to avoid spoiling the major reveals. But let’s just say his time with Henry Winchester gives Sam a deeper understanding of his purpose in life. He may have been reluctantly dragged back into this “family business” when Dean got out of Purgatory, but now he’s in it to stay. And his drive is newly rejuvenated.

“When we get into the whole ‘closing the gates of hell,’ that becomes a real raison d’etre for Sam. I think it’s really revenge motivated; it’s about everything that killed their mom, killed their friends, and all that. I think Sam would see that there’s a certain amount of closure if they could actually close the gates off. I think he in the back of his mind thinks there’s a normal life out there. And in a way, Dean’s on board with that; he’d like to see him happy, but they have this one thing to do,” Singer said.

Supernatural airs on Wednesday nights at 9 PM on The CW.

Why are you most excited to finally dive into the Winchester side of the family tree? Let us know in the comments below.

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