Who’s Dallas’ White Knight on ‘Suburgatory’?

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'Suburgatory' Ana Gasteyer
The star talks Shay family secrets, 'SNL' reunion.
The fictional town of Chatswin, N.Y. and its quirky residents are welcoming back That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama for another visit to Suburbia. The 33-year-old actor reprises his role as the kooky animal spiritualist Yoni, a smooth talking fellow, with a knack for wearing white, when Dallas’ (Cheryl Hines) dog, Yikult, needs some help.

“He’s definitely the most bizarre character I’ve ever created. Yoni has his own rules. It was really hard keeping a straight face while filming,” Valderrama tells Celebuzz.

“He’s weird, and really out there, that’s how he does his manipulating. He’s sneaky and conniving, but it’s all very believable.”

Valderrama, who plays a love interest to Hines’ Dallas Royce in both of his appearances on the show, raved about all the fun they had on set. “We’d do things over and over a couple of times to see what was funny or funnier,” he says. “Cheryl’s a riot. We couldn’t stop laughing.”

After getting his feet wet as an executive producer on MTV’s Yo Momma, Valderrama recently started his own production company, WV Enterprises. And he’s discovered that it’s a good way to join forces professionally with his pals.

“I have such a talented group of friends, and one of the best things about this new part of my career is being able to put them in my projects and create with them,” he explains.

Although he’s appeared on-screen a couple times following the cancellation of his NBC series, Awake, late last year,Valderrama seems more excited about helming projects than starring in them.

“I took a break from being in front of the camera, and started doing a lot behind it. 2012 for me was an entire year of working and getting everything done and having everything set up,” he says about his latest ventures. “2013 is finally the year where I can announce some of the things you can expect.”

Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 9:30PM on ABC.

Watch a clip of Valderama on Suburgatory below.

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