Analeigh Tipton: ‘Warm Bodies’ Cast Knew the Zom-Rom-Com Could ‘Go So Badly’ (VIDEO)

'Warm Bodies' Sneak Peek
Watch the first four minutes of the zom-rom-com.
Warm Bodies occupies a rarified nexus between genres – horror and comedy — that demands a delicate balance of tone and content in order to succeed.

One of the film’s stars, Analeigh Tipton (Damsels in Distress), tells Celebuzz that she and her collaborators were well aware of the responsibility they faced in making the movie both scary and funny, without emphasizing one too much over the other.

“We definitely had an awareness of the fragility of what we were dealing with,” Tipton explains. “Because it can go oh so badly.”

Tipton says that director Jonathan Levine gave them a compass to follow when trying to maintain the right balance. “[Jonathan] knows what’s cool,” she says.

“He is in himself just like a cool guy, like intimidatingly so. So you kind of guess, and if something was funny, he would laugh.”

In Warm Bodies, Tipton plays Nora, the best friend of Teresa Palmer’s character Julie Grigio. She says that was an additional challenge tackling a role that exists largely to help build the integrity of the zombie-infested world within the film, because she was required to both support another character and create a memorable and unique one for herself.

“Any supporting role, such as the best friend, can tend to go into a more stereotypical realm of what that is,” she says. “But Jonathan was great about allowing us the freedom to contribute some roundedness into [our characters].”

“He did that for me by letting me go into all of these great, different comedic tones, from compassionate comedy to a little bit darker,” she continues. “That’s a fun opportunity to get to do.”

Watch the rest of Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Analeigh Tipton, as well as the theatrical trailer for the film. And then let us know in the comments section below – what do you think of the film’s balance of horror and comedy?

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