Cobie Smulders Leaves ‘Safe Haven’ Parodies to ‘SNL’ Star Husband (VIDEO)

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Cobie Loves Taran
The 'HIMYM' actress wed the 'SNL' star.
Although she’s currently commanding the big screen as one of the co-stars of the romantic drama Safe Haven, Cobie Smulders established a solid comedic pedigree on TV as a member of the ensemble cast of How I Met Your Mother. But the actress says she defers to her husband, Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam, when time comes to parody the movies in which she appears.

“Taran is much better at coming up with sketch ideas than I am,” she tells Celebuzz.

“For me, I’d be like, yeah, you could do a parody of this movie. But he would go, let’s do a musical version, and then we could do puppets! He’s just so much more creative in that respect.”

That said, Smulders isn’t without her own ideas for sketches.

“I did actually have one great idea I pitched to Vanessa [Bayer],” she confesses. “The Long Island Psychic — anything where you could see that character being blown up and kind of zany.”

“I’m like, you should do that on the show! They’re so great!”

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Smulders above to see whether or not her idea made it to the air. And then let us know in the comments section below: what would be a good parody for the actress’ latest movie?

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