Eat Like Liz Lemon: A ’30 Rock’ Food Crawl (INFOGRAPHIC)

After seven years of introducing the world to culinary gems like Sabor de Soledad, Teamster subs, and Cheesy Blasters, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is finally going to be able to sit and eat in peace as NBC’s 30 Rock is coming to an end on NBC this Thursday.

Just because TGS is going dark, and Liz may have to start stocking some real fruit in the apartment for her new kids (you know, in addition to fruit-flavored Pop Tarts), doesn’t mean her spirit and her palate can’t live on.

Celebuzz has highlighted all of Liz’s favorites and the best places to get them, whether you’re stuck at work until all-hours of the night at the GE Building or if you’re on forced sexual harassment leave at home (in Liz’s Riverside Drive apartment, of course).

Take a look at our infographic and read our list below to take your own walking tour of Liz Lemon’s favorite eateries. Click on the pic below for a full size version.

  • Let’s start with the sweet stuff first because eating dessert before a meal is the one bad eating habit Liz Lemon has managed to mostly avoid. Liz has mentioned, on more than one occasion, that she has consumed 5-12 donuts in one sitting. Thankfully, New York City has a Dunkin Donuts every few blocks, and a couple in easy throwing distance to both Liz’s office (15) and her apartment (4). We can’t guarantee you’ll find your own pregnant, teenage employee to hire as a “Youth Consultant” while you attempt to adopt her baby, but the chocolate cruellers are just as good!
  • Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) once confused Liz with Cathy (you know, from the cartoon strip), and if you need to get your own “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate; ack!” fix, there are an abundance of gourmet chocolatiers and candy shops in the city. Liz would stamp her approval on both Dylan’s (11) and Godiva (12).
  • Now that Liz and Criss (James Marsden) have gotten married and adopted kids of their own, they may need to start scheduling date nights. Jack (Alec Baldwin) planned to take one of his lady friends to Plunder for a $1000 sundae, but never ended up making it there. He settled for McFlurries at a random McDonald’s. But Liz is attempting to have it all, and wouldn’t you know it? She’s finally succeeding, so you need to follow in her footsteps. Real New York’s version of Plunder is Serendipity III (9), but they’re known for Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and a sundae with gold flakes on top!
  • Of course, through the years, Liz has proven her knowledge of cupcake bakeries around Manhattan. The series finale pays a very special shout-out to Harlem’s own Make My Cake, which seems to be the quintessential sweet spot for Liz today.

Looking for something a little more substantial than sweets, though?

  • Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse (10) is the perfect place for a giant, juicy cut of steak that Jack would want to watch you eat.
  • New York is also, of course known for great pizza, as well as street vendors selling hot dogs, roasted peanuts, and pretzels (pro tip: those nuts smell much better than they taste). Be like Liz and stop off at a Generic Hot Dog Cart (14) for a quick bite on the go, or grab a more gourmet dog at Gray’s Papaya (5).
  • You can run into a pizza joint on just about every other block in Manhattan, but what if you want to make your own Cheesy Blaster? You don’t want to take that hot dog too far before wrapping it in a slice or it will get cold. If you’re stuck at 30 Rock, there’s Harry’s Italian (16) right on the Concourse Level of the building (though you’ll have to hope there’s some jack cheese with which to stuff that hot dog just left over in Liz’s mini-fridge…). Up by Riverside drive, there is a 7-11 (3)* for all your cheese (nacho, too!) needs and then T and R Pizza (2).

* Actually, the 7-11 is a great place to pick up Pop-Tarts and Cheese Doodles, the latter of which are as close to Sabor de Soledad as we can find in this world.

Everyone knows Liz Lemon loves sandwiches more than most things (and we’ll get to that in a minute), but her second favorite food seems to be cheese. So that deserves it’s own special spot(s) on an Eat Like Liz Lemon tour of New York.

  • Need to hit a bar with some friends but tapped out on drinks and just want to order mozzarella sticks? You wouldn’t be alone. Try One and One Bar (19). To avoid table-flipping rage over someone stealing your mac and cheese from the break room, head to S’MAC (20) for a special dinner. And for plain old wedges of “night cheese,” there’s Ideal Cheese specialty shop (8) or D’Agostino’s Market (7). The market is a great place to get ham, too, assuming you have a wedding dress to use as a ham napkin.

Finally, sandwiches: the reason for Liz living. Now, we’re not going to pretend to know where the Teamsters get their special meatball subs with extra marinara, but any one of these affordable chains use too much bread — so you probably won’t even have to ask for extra, like Liz.

  • Subway (6) you may be able to get in other cities, but Au Bon Pain (17) and Cosi (18) are a bit more special.

Click on the image below for a full-size version of the walking tour.

The one-hour 30 Rock series finale airs Thursday at 8PM on NBC.

30 Rock Infographic Thumbnail

What will you miss most about Liz Lemon and her 30 Rock crew? Let us know in the comments below!

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