Makeup-Free Courtney Stodden Busts Out in Giant Black Bikini (PHOTOS)

The teen bride shows off practically everything in one of her sexiest moments yet.

Even when she's relaxing at her home, Courtney Stodden sure knows how to make a very big impression.

The infamous teen bride -- who shot to fame in 2011 when she married actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16 -- had cameras snapping like crazy when she stepped outside for a relaxing couple of hours in the sun at her home in Los Angeles.

Stodden, 18, donned a gigundo black bikini for the occasion, and flipped through the pages of a book of pin-ups as she protected herself from the sun under a giant tan sunhat.

The photo-op was a rare moment for Stodden, who ditched her signature bombshell look for a little makeup-free action.

Still, this being Courtney Stodden, that didn't stop her from putting on some platform heels as she took her dog, Dourtney (yes, that's Doug and Courtney, combined), for a walk.

And then later, this still being Courtney Stodden, she went ahead and gazed out into the distance on an upstairs ledge, where she presumably thought about, well ...


Stodden has been all over Celebuzz over the last few weeks, as the premiere date for the music video for her hit single 'Reality' quickly approaches.

For a behind the scenes look at 'Reality,' watch the video, below.

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  • Emma

    Unless her lips are naturally a light nude color and her face is also all one matte color there is no way that girl is makeup free. Either way she is very pretty but that's the only compliment you'll ever see me give her.

  • Mud

    I'll eat her poop on whole wheat

  • lion

    how much did she pay for this photo op? lmfao what an ugly hooker--yuckkk!

  • rrs

    this skinny young girl has that lolly pop syndrome , where the head is much bigger than her whole body,but the fake boobs that she has too, if she did not have those big air balloons in her she would be just a thin little tooth pick right? then they would call her a lolly pop girl, bobble head girl! she is a wierdo, just to get noticed,she is all but a fake, cant do anything decent at all, with just her brains,oh yeah forgot that she is a bimbo blonde,and dorky as well.and her mate as well!! see how long that will la!st to? give it maybe a couple of yrs only! if at that long?

  • aries1987

    Every picture she takes she's reading.. She looks confused the book she's got

  • Ella

    these photos are complete and utter shit. she is posing for every single one, and she has blatantly has had breast implants.

  • Mouse

    It's a shame she doesn't go make-up free more often, she's a pretty girl. But I guess the loads of makeup serves to make her look older so her husband looks less like her Grandpa and more like her dad. And that bikini top is mostly padding, you can tell. She actually has a nice figure and her breasts are not huge. That's another shame.... why does she WANT to look like a hooker???

  • Selma

    Poor dog looks terrified..

  • Wanda

    yea...she is total Porn.

  • luvbeatles


  • Casey

    Who is this girls publicist? Not doing a good job...

  • Ramona

    Puttin' out the trash!

  • Come one
    Come one

    Oh come on! You can see that this was staged!! What is this girl famous for anyway?????!!!

  • AlaBella

    The cups are 3x bigger than her boobs. It's ridiculous!

  • scott

    Seriously. I'm sure the girls will know better, what size do you think her boobs really are? That looks like a Double D top and a B boob.

  • miss.rouso

    such a huge top for such little boobies..