The Hollywood Rich List (PHOTOS)

Top Paid Actors of 2012
Forbes lists the richest actors of the year.
It’s no secret — Hollywood is made of money.

With the worlds of film, television and music, stars earn far more that mere power, prestige and status. Celebrities continue to prove that show business shells out in a big way. But just how hefty a paycheck are the industry A-listers pocketing?

From Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey’s $165 million and TV personality and producer Ryan Seacrest’s $59 million, to filmmaker Tyler Perry’s $105 million and director Steven Spielberg’s $130 million, bonafide big names bring home the bacon.

So who ranks among the richest in all the land of Tinseltown? According to latest Forbes’ highest-paid lists, it’s not just actors and actress, but musicians, movie-makers, models, media moguls, talk-show hosts, and teen pop stars.

What do the celebrities do with such a sizable piece of the piece?

While some spend money like it’s going out of style — think Bentleys, bling-out Barbie dolls and Barclays Center private nurseries — others favor frugality. And, overall, many of the stars prove big-hearted, putting their hard-earned payday toward charities.

Celebuzz takes a closer look a what the wealthiest stars earn — and just how they spend it — in Hollywood’s Rich List.

Take a gander at the gallery and then weigh in: Who rakes in more or less than you expected? And what would YOU do with all that money? Tell us your “I’m rich!” fantasies in the comments, below.

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