'Warm Bodies' vs. 'Hansel and Gretel': Box Office Battle (POLL)


Demon-hunting siblings Hansel and Gretel took down the Wicked Witch of the weekend box-office, putting Mama in the corner despite some handsome second-week earnings. This week, however, the tough-as-nails twins are challenged by an emo zombie rom-com and a Bullet to the Head.

Can the touchy-feely zombies avoid the death-blow of an axe-wielding Sylvester Stallone, or will yet another aging '80s icon fight for their place at the top of the charts?

While the title Warm Bodies sounds like a decidedly sexier film than what audiences will eventually see on screen, this clever spin on the zombie genre has benefited from a strong marketing campaign and a very healthy January for horror.

Starring Nicholas Hoult as a shambling member of the newly undead and Teresa Palmer as a shockingly attractive human surviving the zombie apocalypse, Warm Bodies further solidifies the sub-genre of the zom-rom-com. Can the love of a woman help to return humanity to the walking dead? This funny-slash-scary genre offering should play well to male and female audiences alike, as well as offer a quasi-fresh idea to an otherwise stale subject.

And speaking of stale, aging action icon Sylvester Stallone is back in theaters with an old-school 1980’s beat-em-up called Bullet to the Head. Directed by 48 Hours helmer Walter Hill – himself a mainstay of arguably the best decade ever for pure, uncut action camp – Bullet to the Head pairs an old-timer hitman with a spring-chicken detective to avenge their slain partners. Tough-guys, explosions and axe-fights! What more did you really want? Aside from a few getting-too-old-for-this-sh*t jokes?

Let us know what you’re planning on seeing this weekend!

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