Will Another Intern Go Too Far on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? (VIDEO)

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Here we go again. It looks like another intern on ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy is going to break more rules to do what they think is right for their patient on Thursday’s episode. The question is: Do they have the right to do it?

In the first sneak peek clip from the episode, “Bad Blood,” Cristina (Sandra Oh), is frantically working to save the life of an emergent patient when her intern Leah (Tessa Ferrer) discovers that the man is a Jehovah’s Witness and therefore cannot be given the blood that the doctors believe will save his life. Cristina and Leah try to plead with the boy’s parents to no avail. This is where things get interesting. Turns out intern Leah isn’t willing to let it go at that and decides to take things into her own hands. We see her sneaking blood, and it looks like she’s going to change it out for the other IV, but it’s unclear if she actual does it or not.

In the second sneak peek clip from the episode, we find Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) working in the lab with Miranda (Chandra Wilson) and Richard (James Pickens, Jr.). Miranda is trying to make small talk, but Meredith is more than a little bit distracted. Though Meredith tries to hide it, when she runs out of the room suddenly, Miranda is quick to follow her. It seems that Meredith feels a flutter that makes her think that something is wrong with the baby, and that she’s being punished for getting too comfortable with her pregnancy.

Between those two clips, it looks like this is going to be one heavy episode. But whether or not Leah actually will give her patient the blood that is against his religion remains to be seen. It is also unclear if Meredith’s baby is truly in trouble or if she is just feeling some understandable anxiety about her pregnancy.

What do you think now that you’ve seen the clips from this episode? Do you think that Leah will give the blood to her patient? If she does, what kind of ramifications do you think that will cause? Also, do you think that something is wrong with Meredith’s baby or could she just be feeling its first kicks?

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.