Zac Efron Will Have Us ‘Falling’ For Him in a Whole New Way

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Zac Efron is taking a leap from his romantic comedy and indie roots to star in the new Warner Bros. supernatural thriller The Falling.

The former Disney heartthrob is teaming up with Academy Award winning writer/producer/director Akiva Goldsman (Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend), in a cinematic departure from past teeny-bopper rom-coms like High School Musical and 17 Again. And word on the street is that Efron will also get a producing credit on the film.

And while details are scant — which just makes us all the more curious — we do know that the movie, which is in the very early stages of production, is being described as an “edgy thriller centering around an otherworldly being,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. And we can only hope that Efron is that other-wordly being.

The 25-year-old The Lucky One star stepped out of his comfort zone last fall, playing a sexually-charged paperboy, in well, The Paperboy alongside Nicole Kidman, but The Falling will mark his first lead role in a big studio thriller.

Are you guys excited to see Efron all grown up in this thriller? Do you wish he would stay in rom-coms, or are you pumped to see a little action from the former teen hunk?

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