Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance: 7 Things We’d Love to See

Beyonce's Setlist Revealed
What will Beyonce sing at Super Bowl 47?
As everyone and their football-loving father knows by now, Beyonce Knowles will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday.

Not that many details about the performance have been released, beyond a few photos from Beyonce’s Instagram and rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion that may or may not have been shot down by Michelle Williams. (Ugh.)

Which is why Celebuzz thought it might be a good idea to imagine the Ultimate Beyonce Halftime Show; the kind of epic performance that would totally make it up to the millions of supportive girlfriends who were forced to watch the game, and the gays who are really only tuning into watch Beyonce, anyway.

Below, check out our seven dream-worthy ideas for Sunday’s big night. Also, be sure to share your own hopes in the comments.

1.) A Destiny’s Child Reunion
Michelle Williams claims it isn’t happening — but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t (or, let’s face it, won’t. How is she too busy, exactly?).

2.) A Jay-Z Duet
In the event Williams was telling the truth, this would be the next best thing.

3.) Live Singing
Whatever the verdict was on Beyonce’s performance at Presidential Inauguration, we hope she puts naysayers to rest by showing off her epic live vocals. Girl needs her revenge.

4.) New Music
Because it’s been over a year since she’s released anything new. It’s time. (To put it in perspective: Rihanna has released, like, seven CDs in the last four months.)

5.) ‘Single Ladies’
Because you gotta have a few classics in there, too.

6.) Blue Ivy Cameo
Surely this would break all child labor laws — but maybe they’ll cut to her in Beyonce’s suite or something?

7.) Basically anything on this level: