#CaptionContest: Queen Bee Is Back With a Vengeance

Yesterday's Contest
See the winners of the Nicki Minaj #CaptionContest.
And the #CaptionContest results are in:


“In my left hand, Jay-Z’s balls, and in my right hand NFL’s balls” – Eric


“I got my voice back!” – Ariel

Congrats, guys! Try your luck on today’s #CaptionContest.

Welcome back to the Celebuzz #CaptionContest.

You guys submitted some truly hilarious captions this week and we have one more opportunity for you to play before the weekend. This picture of Beyoncé is in dire need of your witty captions, so help us out and leave a comment below.

But before you do, check out the winners of yesterday’s #CaptionContest featuring Nicki Minaj.

And a fun time was had by all. It’s super easy to play along. Simply:

1) Type your caption out in the comments. Alternatively, you can use photo-editing software to add a caption to the photo and upload your entry into the comments.

2) Have fun and be creative!

3) Check back on Monday to see if your caption has been selected and for a new caption challenge.

See the full-size image after the jump.

Here it is, Friday’s #CaptionContest photo:

Beyoncé Performs the National Anthem Live at Super Bowl Half-Time Press Conference

Leave your caption in the comments below, and remember: have fun!

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