Watch: Catherine Zeta-Jones Says We All Have to Take Responsibility for Violence in the Media

Meanwhile, the ‘Side Effects’ star says ‘it’s absolutely necessary’ for movies to explore ‘what happens in our culture today.’

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'Side Effects' Spot
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In the new film Side Effects, director Steven Soderbergh tackles a tough question with no easy answer: after a young woman commits murder while on antidepressants, the authorities struggle to determine who’s responsible for the crime – the perpetrator, the medicine she took, or the man who prescribed it?

But the film echoes another conversation that is currently raging in our culture – how influential is media violence in inspiring the real thing?

When asked about this roiling debate, co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones tells Celebuzz that ultimately, the challenge is for all of us as a society to be more careful about the way the media, and other external forces, affect the people who are most susceptible to them – namely, children.

“I think we all have to take a little bit more responsibility of what is put out there,” Zeta-Jones says. “And the consequences of what happens if it’s perceived wrong or taken for ‘complete reality’.”

That said, the actress suggests that Hollywood has become a convenient scapegoat, even though she insists that it’s vital for popular entertainment to explore serious real-life issues.

“A lot of people wag their finger at Hollywood because there’s no other answers to the question,” she says. “[But] I think it’s interesting to deal with real subjects, real crises, what happens in our culture today on film. I mean, it’s absolutely necessary.”

What do you think – does violence in the media inspire it in real life? And who should take responsibility for making sure that it does not influence people in the wrong way? Take a look at the trailer for Side Effects below, and let us know your thoughts about this hot-button topic in the comments section.

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