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Happy Friday, Celebuzzers! It’s once again time for us to share a few of our favorite reader comments submitted during the last week. It’s our way of thanking you for all of your insightful, hilarious contributions to Celebuzz.

Each and every Friday, we’ll feature a roundup of our favorite reader comments. If you would like to be featured next week, simply leave comments on your favorite stories.

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“BAM. Don’t mess with Queen Bey. Is it too soon in the year to declare “Any questions?” as the quote of the year?” – Amanda Hittinger, speaking The Truth about Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl press conference appearance.

“Fighting? Are they 5 years old? Immature and booooring. I thought Ocean was cooler than this.” – Toni, saying what we’re all thinking about Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean.

“When will she ever find time for “pimping” ?” – ashley, on the news of Kris Jenner landing a talk show.

“Sunglasses at night? Lol, its not like the woman is shy about having her picture taken!” – hotwasabi21, who, unlike Kim Kardashian, does not wear sunglasses at night.

Remember, if you’d like to have your comment featured in a future edition of CommentBuzz, all you need to do is leave comments on your favorite stories throughout the week.

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