Here’s Beyonce Singing Before She Was REALLY Famous

The Super Bowl half time show has become a sacred tradition.

As one of the most elite competitions in sports, every component — from the multi million dollar commercials to the astronomically high-paid performers — must live up to the year-long hype.

So naturally this year’s entertainment is the one and only Sasha Fierce.

Beyonce is a safe choice for the show. That is not to say that she is boring, or simple, but that she never fails to entertain—when she’s singing live.

The stunning diva has a powerful voice to project her hit songs, stellar dance moves to mesmerize audiences, an innate stage presence to engage the crowd, and a wardrobe of scantily clad, unbelievably glamorous unitards to show off her rockin’ post-baby body.

No doubt she is a one-woman show.

Though fully capable of putting on a Super Bowl worthy performance all on her own, rumors are swirling that she won’t be alone on stage Sunday.

Could it be a game-day reunion for Destiny’s Child is in play?

While the other members firmly deny the rumors, a leaked set list including the group’s chart-topper “Bills, Bills, Bills” suggests otherwise.

We can only hope.

All of this thinking got us a little nostalgic about Bey’s early days.

Back in 1997, the pop diva stood beside a group of three other ladies singing catchy, female-empowering songs about “good for nothing type of brothers”. Destiny’s Child gained a significant following and climbed the Billboard Charts into 2001, when the group decided to disband and start solo careers.

B has since gotten a new look, a rap star hubby, and a beautiful new baby Blue Ivy, but her award-winning voice and legendary performance skills have remained the same.

This week’s Flashback Friday pays homage to 2013’s half-time queen with an early Destiny’s Child music video that received major airtime back in the TRL era.

This video reminds us Bey has some serious staying power, having outlived pagers, AOL and most-certainly, the term Bug-a-Boo.

Check out the clip above for a pre-Super Bowl warm up.

And tune in Sunday night to—hopefully—see the live performance we’ve all been waiting for.