Katie Couric Dated Who? (VIDEO)

They Dated Who?
These celebrities love romancing regular folks!
As America’s sweetheart, Katie Couric fields her fair share of suitors.

And in the late 1980s, one of those lucky men to land a date with her was Larry King. Couric, now 56, was 30 when she agreed to dinner with the CNN anchor, who is 23 years her senior, back when both were living in Washington, D.c.

“I was going through this period in my life where I was going, ‘I’m going to go out with anyone who asks me because you learn something every time you go out with a new person,'” Couric said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “So I met Larry at this restaurant in Washington and what can I say, Jimmy, I was wearing a leather skirt. And he called me and he asked me out to dinner and I thought, ‘Well, that will be really interesting.'”

Come the evening of their get-together, King picks Couric up in a Lincoln town car, blasting some Jack Jones on the tape deck as he whisks her off to K Street. “It was [an] Italian restaurant where they put you right next to each other like they do with all the men and their ‘nieces,'” Couric said, “We were having a nice enough time.”

But after dinner, King wasn’t ready to call it a night, much to Couric’s dismay. “We’re driving home and I see we’re going over [Arlington] Memorial Bridge, and that’s not the way back to my apartment,” Couric recalled. “So I go, ‘Larry, where are we going?’ And he goes, ‘My place.’ And I was like ‘Oh, mother of god.’And I’m like, ‘Dear Cosmo, what do I do?'”

The pair arrived at King’s apartment in Rosslyn, Va., which Couric recalled being adorned with accolades. “That was sexy,” she joked. Then King made his move: “So we sat there and, what can I say, he lunged…. I started laughing a little bit ’cause the whole situation was like out of a bad Lifetime movie.”

Still, Couric handled the situation with class. “So I said, ‘Larry, you’re such an interesting, nice man. But I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age,'” she said. “And it was like, ‘Wah, wah.’ And he said, ‘That’s OK, because when I like, I really like.'”

But King wasn’t even the only famous man who tried to woo Couric. After meeting with Michael Jackson in effort to land a sit-down interview, Couric received a call from Rabbi Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach, the King of Pop’s onetime spiritual adviser.

“Michael is interested in going out with you,” Couric recalled Boteach saying. “And I was like, ‘wow.’ Could you imagine going home to my daughters, who were about 8 and 4, and saying, ‘Girls, I’m going out with Michael Jackson!'”

In the end, Couric chose to pass on the date, which she sometimes regrets. “So I thought it would just be too weird. I mean the tabloids would go crazy; I didn’t need that,” she explained. “Now I’m just really sorry I didn’t have dinner with him because it would’ve been a fascinating conversation. But I just didn’t think it was worth it.”

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