‘Nikita’s’ Devon Sawa: ‘Owen’s Kind of a Thug’

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As Owen on The CW’s Nikita, Devon Sawa has always been something of mystery. Yet he is one of Nikita’s (Maggie Q) most trusted confidantes now that there is a new Division running things and Michael (Shane West) is removing himself from field duty. Owen is stepping in as Nikita’s right-hand man on missions, which Sawa said will create a kind of fish-out-of-water experience for his character, as well as some room to play with new dynamics among all of the characters.

“We have this one scene in the beginning where we walk into an art gallery, and Owen’s all [puffed up], and Michael has to kind of say to him ‘Hey man, this is how you have to go in.’ Because you know, Michael’s the James Bond, and Owen is kind of a thug,” Sawa told Celebuzz.

“He has to learn to work as a part of the team and how to take orders. Taking orders from Michael is probably the toughest [adjustment], but he’ll do it because these are his friends; he and Nikita have such a history, they have each others’ backs; and he needs to step up and help here.”

Sawa admitted that Owen definitely still has some hesitations about working within this system at all, because he is so used to being on his own. In fact, in what Sawa is shooting right now, he shared he is still playing Owen with some hesitations based on what he experiences on these missions.

“He’s kind of like Nikita’s sidekick at first. He goes out into the field with her because Michael can’t, and they have history, so they work well together, but he still doesn’t love that he has to answer to her. [Then] there comes a mission in a few episodes where he does work with Alex, and it’s different because they have to feel each other out a bit more,” Sawa said.

“There’s an episode where I am interrogating Ari, and until then [Owen] had kind of forgotten about the things from Episode 4 with Amanda; they were out of his mind. But Ari brings them all up again, and Owen really goes after him. He gets some answers, but there’s a lot Ari still holds back,” Sawa revealed.

Sawa shared that he is at the point right now where he is waiting to receive an episode that he thinks will provide major insight into Owen but potentially change the way his character is viewed, as well. He has been kept in the dark as much as the audience, though he is confident Nikita’s executive producer Craig Silversteinand writing staff has been planning the reveal for awhile. They just don’t want Sawa too know too much too soon.

“You literally just wait to get the script. You have your laptop or your iPad or whatever, and it beeps, and it’s usually like one in the morning, and you look, and you know you should be sleeping, but you can’t wait to read it,” Sawa said

“I would rather not know, and I know Craig and the writers want us to not know, because they don’t want us to play things certain ways too early or start steering something one way. It helps with the element of surprise if the actors don’t know right away.”

Every season of Nikitadelivers an impressive amount of stunts and a high body count to match, but given how much Owen is being integrated and cemented into a part of the team, as well as the fabric of the series, Sawa has to feel pretty safe, right?

“I know there will be blood — on both sides. Craig and the writers wouldn’t have it any other ways, so I honestly don’t know. But I hope so! I hope to talk to you again next season!”

Nikita airs on Fridays at 8PM on The CW.

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