Scared Silly: What Are the Best Horror-Comedies Ever Made? (PHOTOS)

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer’s Warm Bodies arrives in theaters this weekend, and while it hopes to harness a particular niche en route to box office glory — the Twilight audience — it has a greater, and decidedly more inconsistent legacy to live up to: the horror comedy.

In Warm Bodies, Palmer plays a distressed but tough young woman taken hostage by a zombie named R, played by Hoult, who takes a romantic liking to her after devouring her dearly departed boyfriend’s brains. Their relationship plays out against the simultaneous backdrop of a zombie holocaust and R’s self-deprecating inner monologue, which endlessly struggles to find hilarious ways to relate to his victim.

To commemorate the movie’s release, Celebuzz assembled a list of the movies’ all-time best horror comedies, in case you’re interested in checking out a few more after finishing up this new theatrical adventure.

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Senior Film Editor Todd Gilchrist actually chose one of the films on our list, Evil Dead II, as his favorite horror film of all time, thanks to its expert combinations of true-blue scares and Three Stooges-style goofs. But there are some really great other films as well, each offering a unique take on their respective genre while dismantling the language of horror with true hilarity.

Which of these movies is your favorite horror comedy? Take a look at the trailer for Warm Bodies, and then let us know in the comments section below — what movie most makes you laugh and feel scared at the same time?

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