'Snow White and the Huntsman' Director Cheated on This? (PHOTOS)

Rupert Sanders' future ex-wife Liberty Ross poses nude for LOVE magazine.

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Looking good might be the best revenge. She's still got it!

Liberty Ross posed completely bare for the pages UK's LOVE magazine in its Spring/Summer 2013 edition dubbed their "Clean Issue."

The British-born model showed her future ex-husband, Rupert Sanders, just what he's missing after she filed for divorce from the Snow White and the Huntsman director last week.

Sanders and Ross have spent the past few months attempting to mend their marriage after the scandal of the summer – when he was caught cheating with Twilight actress Kristen Stewart in a Los Angeles park.

Stewart issued an emotional public apology to her longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

She said: "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect most, Rob. I love him, I love him. I'm so sorry."

Sanders too released a statement copping to the affair by saying: "I am utterly distraught at the pain I have caused my family... my beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world.

I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together."

What do you think of the stunning brunette's nude photo shoot? Weigh in below.

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  • Countryrockgirl

    What the hell is wrong with all you people? Are you on this site to look @ pics of celebrities you like, maybe appreciate? Are do you really have nothing better to do in your pathetic, nasty, sick, screwed up lives, to lie about being a newly-turned teen, swear all over the place because that's just as important as spelling & grammar mistakes! As well as attack each other for what? Step outside, & look at the sky-it's blue. Yes, you can take the web with you to continue to spat out this crazy crap. I know you're all going to think & tell me to screw off, but dudes, you're already there. Someone just had to open the curtains, pull the blinders off. These ACTORS appreciate their fans. If you're not a fan, move on. Or if you're a hater, let others critique you!

  • crystalhope

    WOW! she's gorgeous!

  • asyouknowit

    As the old saying goes " Show me a beautiful woman and I will show you a man who is tired of having sex with her."

  • Jeana Roper
    Jeana Roper

    Payback .. Look what U Lost!