5 Reasons Why ‘Warm Bodies’ Hunk Nicholas Hoult Should Be Your Next Cinematic Crush (PHOTOS)

Actor Nicholas Hoult is best known for his role as the precocious teen Marcus in 2002’s About a Boy. But all that could change with his starring turn in this Friday’s Warm Bodies.

In Warm Bodies, Earth’s zombie population has drastically increased and what humans are left have become the undead’s sworn enemy. Hoult plays R, a zombie who falls for the human Julie (played by Teresa Palmer). This romantic comedy’s refreshing take on the well-tred zombie genre outs Hoult in the spotlight, as the film marks his first real leading man appearance on the big screen.

To celebrate the film’s upcoming release, Celebuzz pulled together some fun facts you need to know about this rising star.

Since landing in Hollywood, the British Hoult has found Hollywood success relatively quickly.

Roles in the blockbuster X-Men: First Class and the awards favorite A Single Man showcased the actor’s range, and his now-defunct relationship with Jennifer Lawrence always seemed to keep him in the headlines.

Check out our gallery of all things Hoult above, then watch the actor go full zombie in the trailer for Warm Bodies!

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