6 Real-Life Hauntings That Would Make Great Horror Movies

The oddly titled horror follow-up The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia is – like its predecessor – based upon an episode of the popular Discovery true-life recreation series A Haunting. In fact, the popular show’s two pilot episodes, entitled “A Haunting in Connecticut” and “A Haunting in Georgia,” inspired these loosely adapted versions of the reportedly true events.

With paranormal series now abounding on television – including Ghost Hunters, A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, The Haunted, Paranormal State and a host of others – spook tales from the other side are becoming big business. As Hollywood looks to these true stories for inspiration, a few flesh-and-blood events stand out from the crowd as potential front-runners for the big-screen treatment.

We dug up a few of our favorite real-life campfire tales in the hopes that horror fans everywhere might see the potential.

A Brooklyn Haunting – Paranormal Witness

Featured on the first season of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness, the episode “A Brooklyn Haunting” is unique largely for it’s non-suburban setting. When a struggling family moves into a too-good-to-be-true house in Brooklyn, a presence rises from an empty, dirt-floored room hidden at the back of the basement. Plagued by voices, footsteps and physical attacks, the mother and her children stumbled upon an old disheveled wedding dress wrapped in vintage, 1920’s newspaper. After the mother discards the dress, the haunting intensified until she learns of an ailing wife who’d died in the house years prior and who always adored her prized wedding dress.

Bobby Mackey’s – Ghost Hunters / A Haunting

Bobby Mackey’s roadside tavern is something of a watering hole for paranormal investigators, having been featured on almost every supernatural reality show to date. Rumors abound about the nature of the haunting. The most outlandish involve Satanists who reportedly murdered a pregnant woman and cursed the location. The most romantic, however, suggest that another pregnant woman named Johanna – a dancer during the tavern’s earliest days – killed herself after her father had orchestrated the murder of her lover. Either way, the spirits that haunt the sawdust covered floors of Bobby Mackey’s still to this day react violently – some say jealously – toward any females left alone there.

Capitol Theater Haunting – Paranormal Witness

A second-season episode of Paranormal Witness, “The Capitol Theater Haunting” highlighted the historic Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unique for its grand, publically occupied location, the episode centered on the late-night security staff whose experiences with rogue elevators, slamming doors and shadow people caught on-stage and in the audience eventually escalated to the permeating smell of smoke. Soon, the officers discovered that the theater had long ago caught fire during a performance, having claimed the life of a young man who’d run back into the flames to help usher folks out to safety.

A Haunting in Ireland – A Haunting

This season three episode of A Haunting is interesting for two reasons. First, its location in Galway, Ireland gives the story a unique setting outside of the traditional American home. Second, the ghost that plagues a young, Irish couple just returned home with their newborn child – ravaging the house in an almost ghostly tantrum – turns out to be the spirit of a baby who’d been killed along with its mother for having been conceived out of wedlock.

The Rain Man – Paranormal Witness

This particularly unsettling episode of Paranormal Witness focused on a man named Don Decker. Serving a minor prison sentence, Don was relieved when he received a weekend pass to attend the funeral of his formerly abusive grandfather. Refused a place to stay by his mother, Don was put up by a family friend and was later attacked in their upstairs bathroom by an invisible entity. Originally disbelieving of the strange things Don claimed to experience, the family soon saw first-hand when it suddenly began to “rain” in their living room, upside-down and sideways in defiance of gravity. Sent back to prison, Don began acting strange, demonstrating to the other prisoners that he could create and control similar droplets of rainwater, hurling them at the guards dozens of feet away. The chaplain eventually determined that Don had become possessed by the corrupted spirit of his grandfather and later performed a successful exorcism.

House of the Rising Dead – The Haunted

Not to be confused with A Haunting, the similarly titled series The Haunted featured this creepy tall-tale about a single mother who takes possession of old-school manse in New Orleans. Discovering a room at the top of the abandoned slave quarters that’s been decorated with strange, Egyptian symbols, the family finds that the supernatural phenomena is connected to the activities of a cult that used to operate there. A medium warns that a portal had been opened and that coaxing the spirits back through a mirror – all of which in the house had been mysteriously shattered or blacked out – was the only way to cleanse the property.