Jesse Heiman’s 60 Kisses With Bar Refaeli (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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Jesse Heiman knows that supermodel Bar Refaeli is a good kisser — he made out with her 60 times in one day.

As one of the stars of Go Daddy’s new Super Bowl commercial, in which he kisses Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex girlfriend, Heiman has become the envy of millions of red-blooded males.

“I’m the luckiest guy in America,” he told Celebuzz of his steamy experience, which took 60 takes to complete.

In the commercial, which was released by the Internet company days ahead of the Super Bowl, Heiman and Refaeli smooch for a long eight seconds as Danica Patrick watches on.

Like the rest of us, Heiman, 32, made sure he loaded up on mints, gum and mouth strips before locking lips with the Israeli hottie in L.A.’s famous Universal lot.

“I had to make sure that my breath was good and it worked — because Bar told me that I was a good kisser too,” he said.

Heiman, a veteran background actor whose 11-year resume includes The Social Network, American Pie 2, Entourage and Glee, first made headlines last year when a compilation of his work popped up on YouTube.

While the Boston native remained tight-lipped about his Go Daddy paycheck, he did dish on his love life, if anyone is interested (and there’s competition).

“At the moment I do not have a girlfriend but the offers are starting to roll in after the advert aired on YouTube, and the feedback has been very positive.”

Beyond the 60 takes of lip action, Heiman said his gorgeous co-star was great to work with.

“She was very smart and a lot of fun and when the camera was not rolling, she would ask me questions and we chatted about various things.

“Hopefully, we can stay in touch but it might be tough because she lives in Israel a lot of the time but she was happy with the way the commercial panned out.”

Have you seen the Go Daddy commercial? How does it rank in your list of best Super Bowl commercials? Weigh in below.

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