‘Showbiz Tonight’ and Celebuzz Countdown: The Top 5 Buzzmakers of the Week

A football legend’s love child is revealed, Snooki lets everyone watch her give birth to her baby, and Beyonce finally addresses lip-synching rumors.

Showbiz Tonight’s AJ Hammer counts down some of the most buzzed about stories this week.

No. 5 – Liza Morales, Lamar Odom’s ex-turned-TLC reality star, opened up to Hammer about her relationship with Khloe Kardashian. “Yeah, we speak when we need to but I don’t want people to say ‘Oh, you’re talking about her though.'” Morales is on the show Starter Wives Confidential which chronicles the lives of celebrity exes and how they’ve moved on.

No. 4 – Snooki let cameras into the delivery room to document the birth of her first baby, Lorenzo. For those of you who are curious, the footage aired on the reality star’s show Snooki & JWoww.

No. 3 – Ronajah Tuiasosopo says he was in love with footballer, Manti Te’o, in a candid interview with Dr. Phil. Tuiasosopo is said to be the man behind the dead girlfriend hoax involving Te’o.

No. 2 – Former quarterback Dan Marino confessed to the revelation of his love child through an affair with a former CBS employee. The story came to light on Marino’s 28th wedding anniversary.

No. 1 – Beyonce proved what we all knew was already true: she can sing. At the Super Bowl news conference she sang the National Anthem, sans pre-recorded track, and addressed her lip-synching scandal. When asked if she will be using a pre-recorded track during her half-time performance she assured the public that she will be performing live.

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