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“I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been.”

Which celeb said he has been feeling down in the dumps these days?

Was it Jason Priestley, Justin Bieber or Channing Tatum?

Find out in Celebuzz’s top quotes of the week.

Who was the Hollywood hunk said he’s been having a bout of the blues.

It was Justin Bieber!

The prince of pop may appear to have it all—an extremely successful singing career, international fame, superstar swag, an enormous fan base of die-hards—but without a princess by his side, things sure can get lonely.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, the teen talent opened up about his split with Selena Gomez, admitting he is having a difficult time bouncing back from young love.

“I’m trying to get through what I’m going through,” Biebs told the magazine. “Like I said, I have my really close friends to cheer me up and keep me going.”

Meanwhile, Selena was quoted this week projecting very different vibes (check out the gallery for Selena’s quote of the week). The 20-year-old Spring Breakers star says she is doing “really good” in the wake of the break up.

Poor JB! It seems these two are just on completely different pages.

To accompany this week’s doom and gloom mood, Bieber released a sneak peak of his upcoming album, dropping a song entitled Nothing Like Us—a sure-to-be hit written about his ex-flame.

The new song is a window into the soul of the scorned singer.

“’Cause nothing can ever replace you/Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah” he croons. “I gave you everything, babe/Everything I had to give/Girl, why would you push me away? Yeah.”

Cheer up young Bieber, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

Which celeb would you like to see the Biebs rebound with? Sound off in the comments below.

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