7 Candidates Who Should Direct The New ‘Star Trek’ Movie (PHOTOS)

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After Disney confirmed the rumors that director J.J. Abrams will direct the next Star Wars film — the long-awaited Episode VII — the only sound that threatened to drown out fan boy speculation about what that installment would be is fan boy speculation over who might take over the next Star Trek film.

Mind you, Abrams already has a sequel to his incredibly successful 2009 franchise reboot in the can, so fans can at least rest easy knowing he at least made two Trek films before taking on George Lucas’ legacy.

But assuming that he does not return to finish a Trek trilogy, Celebuzz decided to assemble a shortlist of filmmakers who might be well-suited to step into Abrams’ admittedly-enormous shoes.

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The choice of Abrams for Star Wars more or less confirms Hollywood’s penchant for trying to find hitmakers, and have them recreate that magic over and over again — if possible, anyway.

So for our list, we chose a cross-section of possibly obvious helmers who could do the material justice, as well as a few left-field choices who could bring the franchise some different elements — or perhaps simply emphasize certain ones that have been Trek hallmarks since the series began, but we buried beneath the muscle of blockbuster moviemaking.

So click through our gallery, watch the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness and then let us know — who do you think would make the best director for a future Star Trek film? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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