Casey Anthony’s Second Chance on Life (VIDEO)

Casey Anthony is looking for a second chance on life after filing for bankruptcy protection earlier this week.

Anthony, 26, has found herself in a financial hole after spending years fighting charges that she murdered her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The two-year-old’s remains were found in a trash bag near the family’s home in December 2008. Anthony was charged for the murder, but later acquitted. However, she was found guilty on multiple counts of lying to investigators.

With several lawsuits piling up, $800,000 of debt and unable to find a job, Anthony is reportedly accepting help from friends to keep afloat.

HLN’s Ryan Smith believes that Anthony could receive a new lease on life from this situation. “The bankruptcy court will look at her case,” Smith says. “And they’ll try and figure out how we can work this out so we can pay off some of these debts.”

Smith says he thinks there’s more to be learned about Caylee’s whereabouts and that she should be held accountable for certain things. However, he sees the situation ending a little differently, “If these bankruptcy proceedings go forward and it goes as planned, you’re looking at a very high chance that Casey Anthony walks free and clean.”

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