Psst… You May Know The Guy Next to You in Spin Class

Jake Gyllenhaal Out in LA
Check out some pics of the actor out and about.
See that guy over there?  He kind of looks like… OMG!

Former exercise fanatic Jake Gyllenhaal may have admitted to taking a breather from hardcore workouts in the September issue of Details, but he’s getting back into a fitness frame of mind while filming his new thriller Prisoners in Atlanta, Celebuzz has learned.

In fact, the handsome leading man was spotted taking a spinning class at Fly Wheel Sports last Thursday.

“I took a class right after him and saw him coming out,” said eyewitness Sara Lett.

“He looked like he worked out hard. He was in shorts, sneakers, and a long-sleeve shirt with a baseball cap on. He wasn’t trying to hide from anybody.”

But that doesn’t mean Gyllenhaal was ready for his closeup.

“Someone asked him for a photo, but he declined,” Lett said. “I don’t blame him after such a workout.”

“In Atlanta it’s different because there’s no paparazzi and you tend to leave celebrities alone. But a few girls and I did talk about him when we saw him. I couldn’t believe it.”

An avid cyclist, the 32-year-old told Details last year that he hadn’t “cycled in a long time.”

“Do I take care of my body and take conditioning seriously? Yes. But exercising regularly doesn’t fit the energy of the character I’m playing now,” he said.

But that seems to have changed as he preps for his new role as a detective alongside Hugh Jackman. And he’s taking his workouts seriously – the super-hard exercise class even attracted NFL quarterback Tim Tebow three weeks ago.

Said Lett: “It’s 45 minutes of intense cycling — it’s grueling.”

What would you do if you spotted Jake Gyllenhaal in your workout class? Tell us your fantasy, below.

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