So, How Well Do You Know Snooki?

Snooki's Leopard Style
Snooki channels her wild side!

After revealing that she loves going to church and that she doesn’t drink as much as she used to, you’d think Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s deepest darkest secrets end there.

During a recent visit to our Celebuzz studio in Hollywood, Calif., the 24-year-old TV star dished on her top five facts even her biggest fans don’t know about.

“One day, I know that the world’s going to end with zombies,” Snooki revealed at number five. “I mean, all the viruses going around, and the vaccines . . . somebody’s going to screw it up one day and we’re all going to turn into zombies and eat each other. Hopefully I’m in Mexico or something.”

The fourth thing some Snooki fans might not know about: the Staten Island native used to be a competitive gymnast.

“I can still do backflips,” she said. “I still do cheerleading, I do competitive cheerleading — or I used to. I love cheerleading.”

Watch the video, above, for Snooki’s top three things you might not know about her. Jionni LaValle: if you’re watching, get your fiancée to explain her answer for number one.

Are you surprised by any of these facts as revealed by Snooki? Weigh in below.

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