Megan Hilty Teases Redemption for Ivy on ‘Smash’

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McPhee on 'Smash' S2
Things are looking up for Karen according to the actress.
In affairs of the heart,Megan Hilty’s Smash character, Ivy, may be as pure as the L.A. smog. But when she steps in front of the microphone, this songbird’s voice is pure as gold.

Sure, she stole Karen’s (Katharine McPhee) boyfriend on Season 1, but there’s still time for redemption on Season 2.

“Ivy goes through a lot of changes right from the beginning,” Hilty told reporters. “Most of the season, actually, she’s trying to revamp her life, both in her personal and her professional life. So, she will be changing a lot.”

So how does NBC’s Smash top its first season with all its titillating backstage infidelities and romantic reversals?

“I wouldn’t say that it tops last season,” demurred Hilty. “I’d just say it expands from there. There’s at least three musicals happening at the same time, so it covers a wide variety of genres.”

Season 1 introduced us to the cast as they prepped a splashy Broadway musical on the life of Marilyn Monroe, which pitted Hilty’s Ivy and McPhee’s Karen against each other (with a bit of role-thieving by guest star, Uma Thurmanas movie star Rebecca Duvall).

“We did try a lot of things,” said Hilty. “Some of them worked and some of them didn’t.”

Hilty likened the first season to a Broadway tryout wherein all the kinks are worked out of a show in a smaller venue before it reaches the bright lights of the great white way. She should know. She got her start on Broadway, fresh out of college, playing Galinda in the hit musical, Wicked. And she’ll be returning to the New York stage for a date at Carnegie Hall to promote her first solo album,  It Happens All The Time, dropping March 12.

But, don’t worry, Smash fans. It doesn’t mean she’s hankering for a return to Broadway. In fact, she finds stage and TV surprisingly alike but for one distinction.

“The live audience, that’s the major difference,” she revealed. But like Broadway, when it comes time to shoot Smash, it’s too late to make changes.

“It’s such a monster to edit and put together,” she noted. “If people don’t like it, when are we going to change it? It doesn’t matter when we’re airing.”

Smash Season 2 premieres with a two-hour special on Tuesday at 9PM on NBC.

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