This Is What $50K Worth of Purses Looks Like

Ashley Olsen totes around two pricey The Row handbags during a New York City stroll.


Ashley Olsen may be look like a bag lady in these photos, but she's a very rich bag lady at that.

The famous twin was spotted on Friday carrying around two handbags from fashion line The Row, which she and sister Mary-Kate co-design.

The staggering total of each bag? $51,900.

Olsen was seen balancing the brand's Drawstring Backpack ($3,900) and the Day Luxe Alligator bag ($48,000), as well as a small puppy and a cup of Starbucks coffee.

The fashionista twins debuted The Row's handbag line in 2011 to rave reviews.

And even though the line has had a few fashion faux pas, like their Damien Hirst limited edition $55,000 pill-encrusted, alligator-leather backpack, the collection has been a financial success.

The twins are worth an estimated $1.5 billion thanks to their numerous business endeavors in fashion and film, according to the Wall Street Journal.

On Jan. 31, the 26-year-old twins announced that they were going to launch their first line of bags for their more affordable line, Elizabeth and James, this summer.

How affordable? Women's Wear Daily reported that the brand's leather accessories will fall in the $125 to $395 range, while bags will retail at $395 to $625.

Are you shocked at the Olsen handbag price tag? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Martina Steiner
    Martina Steiner

    didn't she have a french bulldog ? or she changes dogs like bags...

  • kris

    who in their right mind would spend that kind of money for handbag. that kind of money would feed a lot of people

  • Courtney Dearden
    Courtney Dearden

    Every "made fun of" accessory is included in the outfit. We got the oversized sunglasses, oversized expensive bags, Starbucks drink, and the small dog that we have to carry.

  • Stacia Petri
    Stacia Petri

    all the $ in the world would never have me buying these bags made from the skins of beautiful animals & putting an additional cent into the pockets of these scabs