9 Classic Movies That 3D Would Make More Awesome

Tony Scott's 'Top' Films
Clips from the late director's filmography.
Tony Scott’s high-flying action classic Top Gun is getting a 3D release on theatrical screens and home video this week, which was originally intended to pave the way for a Top Gun sequel before Scott’s tragic death last year. Fans of 3D were no doubt excited for this bit of three-dimensional nostalgia, which now feels more like a kind of cinematic appetizer for the re-release of Steven Spielberg’s jaw-dropper Jurassic Park later this year.

Now that Hollywood is starting to turn away from transforming any and every upcoming blockbuster into a bad ass 3D experience starting to fizzle out, studios and filmmakers are starting to look at the technology on a film-by-film basis. Specifically, industry insiders are aiming their dimensionalization wand at movies that makes the most sense for the format, both past and present.

With the home video market now opening up its eyes to the option of releasing films in 3D — as Fox did last year with I, RobotCelebuzz has assembled a wish list of classic titles that would look amazing if transformed using the technology.

Admittedly, our selections include a lot of films featuring complex visuals and elaborate production design — all of which has looked terrific in more recent 3D projects. But Celebuzz went all of the way back to 1961 for the earliest film on our list, and we include a real cross-section of great movies whose fans would flip out at the chance to fall into their world.

Click here to launch Celebuzz list of classic movies that 3D would make more awesome. And then let us know in the comments section below — what movie would you most like to see converted into 3D?

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