A Look Back at the Last 10 Album of the Year Winners

Jay-Z and Kanye West dominate nominations
Of all the major awards shows out there, none is quite as schizophrenic as the Grammys.

Some years, the Recording Academy will go for the popular, accepted choice. (Think Taylor Swift, or last year’s Album of the Year winner, Adele.)

Then, in other years, voters will ditch all thought, rhyme and reason and go for albums that will spend the next 20 years collecting dust on your grandmother’s living room shelf. (Seriously, who the hell bought Herbie Hancock’s The River: Joni Love Letters?)

Which means that this year’s crop of nominees are likely to be just as impossible to predict.

As we await to find out who will dominate Sunday’s telecast (Frank Ocean? fun.? Carly Rae Jepsen?!), Celebuzz has decided to give our readers a little refresher on some of the recent Album of the Year recipients. (Remember when Ray Charles beat Kanye West in 2005? Or When U2 beat Kanye West in 2006? Or when Herbie Hancock beat Kanye West in 2008? Or … Ugh.)

Have a look in the gallery, above, then share your favorite winners in the comments, below.

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