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Beyonce wows at the Super Bowl; Rihanna is set to preform at the Grammys -– all in our One Minute Buzz.

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Watch: Beyonce Bowl
Beyonce at the Super Bowl
Queen B stole the spotlight with her Super Bowl halftime show. Read More »

Missed Beyonce's Super Bowl performance? Trying to find this season's latest jams?

Fret not, Celebuzz is breaking down a week’s worth of music news in 60 seconds -- so you don’t have to waste your time.

This Sunday, Queen B stole the show at with her halftime performance at the New Orleans' Superdome, silencing all those lip-sync haters.

But how did her hubby Jay-Z react to her show-stopping concert? Watch the video to find out.

Meanwhile, Macklemore continued his unbelievable rise to the top of the charts as songstress Rihanna is share the stage with a few surprising guests at this year's Grammy Awards.

For more on the week’s hottest music news, check out the latest edition of The One Minute Music Buzz, above.

Did we miss anything from the week? Tell us below.

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  • hotwasabi21

    You go Macklemore! Didn't have to sign with a major record label and still taking it to the top!

  • andryenne

    My girl did her thing in my hometown. So i guess the media don't nothing to say about her lip-syn that time. She was working it.....