Beliebe This: Justin Bieber Makes Out with a Mannequin (VIDEO)

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Do kiss and tell, Justin Bieber.

Paying a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Biebs got up close and personal with a mystery brunette — well, a mannequin to be exact.

“Don’t fall in love with it, Justin, no! Focus!” host Jimmy Fallon begged as the 18-year-old singer planted a kiss on the female doll’s lips.

But hold off on the angry tirade, Beliebers: the singer’s make out session wasn’t intended to cause jealousy for his fans (or Selena Gomez). The steamy smooch was all part of Fallon’s sketch: a “three-point shootout with random objects.”

After showing off his kissing technique, Bieber proceeded to throw the mannequin’s head into a basketball hoop.

Adding to the craziness, the Canadian crooner even revealed the identity of his father: Chuck Norris.

“Crazy news, breaking news: Chuck Norris is my father,” he joked at the start of the game, which also featured a framed photo of the action star, ramen noodles and milkshakes.

Prior to the silly shootout, Bieber and Fallon dished about their shared love of expensive rides, including the “Believe” singer’s Ferrari 458 Italia, which has often landed him in trouble.

“You know what, the police really like to pull me over,” he explained. “I don’t do anything, I promise. It looks bad, you see pictures of me, but really, the tints are really dark and a lot of the times they’ll pull me over.”

Adding, “I don’t want to cause accidents because people are trying to take pictures and I thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints. I’m having fun being 18 and enjoying my life and being responsible.”

And Biebs is certainly enjoying the good life. In addition to his reunion with Gomez, he’s currently rehearsing for his double duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

“I’m nervous, but I think it’s going to be fun. I’ve just got to remember to memorize the lines,” he said.

Want to see Justin kiss and tell? Launch the video, above!

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