Kim Kardashian Asks Judge: Give Me a 'New, Full Life' Away From Ex-Kris Humphries

The pregnant E! star says her ex is preventing her from moving on in a new declaration filed in her divorce case.

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Kim K: I'm Pregnant!
The reality star and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting! Read More »

Kim Kardashian has moving on -- she has a bun in the oven -- but now she wants a Los Angeles judge to make it official.

Following her public split with estranged husband Kris Humphries, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has filed a declaration in her divorce case claiming that her ex is preventing her from living her life, especially now that she is expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West.

According to the legal documents, first obtained by TMZ, Kardashian wants a divorce because it "will help create a new, full life for [her]."

The 32-year-old says Humphries, 28, is threatening her health and welfare, as well as "the health and well-being of [her] unborn child" in the declaration.

Kardashian adds that she wants a divorce so she can move on with her life, and "the same should hold true for [Kris]."

In the document, the E! reality star also notes that her current boyfriend West, 35, is eager to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity when their child is born, but he will not be able to do it if she's still married to the basketballer.

Kardashian and Humphries married in an extravagant wedding in Montecito, Calif., on Aug. 20, 2011, but announced their separation after 72 days of marriage with the starlet filing for divorce on Oct. 31, 2011 citing irreconcilable differences.

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  • Elizabeth

    In the State of California any woman that was married to someone other than the father of the baby can not put the father of the baby's name on the birth certificate. Once her divorce is final paternity can be established. Kim K can either list her current husband Kris Humphreys as the father or leave the father information blank on the birth certificate. FYI I do birth certificates for a living. this a semi common situation.

  • khuthala

    oh i pray for her as well................

  • Rubyskye

    She should have thought about that before getting pregnant by another man while being married to another.carlota up there has kris and kim mixed up!

  • Carlota Linn
    Carlota Linn

    Yes, Kim deserves to be happy because this Kris Humphrey is an antisocial,stupid, narrow minded midwestern that wants to ruin her life to this beautiful kind hearted person. I am praying for her and her Baby that she can finally put this behind

  • Stephanie

    Who cares???????

  • kiwithruanthru

    And to think this is not her first divorce. Lets not forget that she was married before to someone before Kris, and that didn't work either. She must be up on how to get a quick divorce, a slow divorce, an annulment even. But using a kid to another guy is really stooping low, even for a Kardashian. Agree with what you say about the mom and her not doing anything unless all been planned.

  • kiwithruanthru

    How bout you stop your hating on Kris, if you want others to stop hating on her! She wants a 'new full life away from Kris', and a judge to support her. Well, I think she has got one, - I doubt that Kris was there when that kid was conceived! She doesn't do anything without talking it over with mommy, so I would say this pregnancy was no 'accident', even if Kanye had no idea about it, Kris Jenner sure would have.

  • AlaBella

    It's adorable how you believe everything they say!!

  • pamela9981

    Kim did not intentionally get pregnant if any of you people kept up with the shows. Kim went to the doctor and found out all the years of birth control caused her to have the egg count of a fifty year old and was advised bye the doctor to stop taking them. Then she decided to freeze her eggs therefore she was taking fertility shots to prepare for the freezing. which made her extremly fertile. And of course to birth control pills and fertility drugs it was bound to happen and we all have been in the situation of being so hot in the moment, that we failed to think about a condom. Now kris hump does need to move on with his life, he doesnt want money he wants an anulement, because an anulement would basically say the marriage never exsisted. Bye doing that he plans to say it was a staged marriage for publicity. He says Kim only married him for publicity. Hello he was no one before her. She could've had anybody famous like kanye. And that would've been a bigger deal like now with the baby. Wake up people. Quit hating shes young and living her life. And mind you she, her sisters and mother all worked for what they have long before they were famous so stop hating. Many celebs had sex videos, so we cant say thats the only reason she was famous, cause if it were true then apparently kims sex video was awesome and all these other celebs videos sucked.

  • Alex

    and i don't understand how her sentence makes any sense at all... give me a new full life away from kris... she got knocked up by another guy, how's that not moving on with your marriage LOL!

  • Alex

    this makes me sad actually, how can there be people supportive of such people as kim and kanye? I don't know the whole story but from what I read it's soemthing like this, she got married in 2011, divorced 72 days later (and she stop taking the pill, expressing her wish to become pregnant, acording to what i read on a comment here), in 2012 strats dating kanye and in the same year she gets pregnant... though i'm not american, i'm a law students and i can tell you that this problem on my country would be easy to solve, she got married, she expresed her wish to be pregnant, then she got divorced, then she got knocked up by another guy. there's no accident here and that's clear for the judge, she was planning on getting pregnant with her ex and 2 months later she would ask for a divorce, that doesn't makes sense at all. she's stil married, she knew the consequences there would be of getting pregnant, there's a great sentence by a jurist which is something like: if some is willing to do soemthing which is punished by law, being completely aware of the punishment, that means that the person in question thinks the punishment is a fair price to pay for the risk she/he is taking! morally i think what she's doing is sad, and she got another life involved which is even sadder, i just hope that justice is made and she gives her ex everything he has the right to, this divorce is not because she was not in love with him, that's what we call a tacit confession, she made it clear when she started dating another guy just a few months after. her ex was just a tool for a lavish weeding and millions of dollars. she has no rights here at all, i hope everything turns out to be great for kris cause he deserve!!

  • AlaBella

    I wouldn't be surprised if she'd gotten pregnant just to get her divorce faster. It's horrible how she's using her unborn child to achieve that. It's heartless, selfish and definitely NOT maternal.

  • Meeda

    She will have a staged miscarriage for he staged pregnancy to get more peeps to feel sorry for her and make more money and do more interviews and write a book. Then more from Kanye dumping her or abusing her.... you get the point.

  • Gale

    Hump is an asshole and it showed on the show.. and even if the Jenner producer tried to edit it to show this, his aggessive/challenge attitude would have made most women use a pillow as a murder weapon. He should count his lucky stars because he was a complete unknown before and now he is known as a real jerk

  • hotwasabi21

    Haha, agree with most the comments here. Kim knew her divorce preceedings were dragging on and she chose to get pregnant. You can't tell me she didn't plan it cuz that woman and her Mom don't do anything by accident and she's managed to not get pregnant for 32 years, so c'mon! Just cough up some money to Kris if you want to move on; otherwise stop stressing cuz you got yourself into this mess and stressing isn't gonna change anything!

  • chatty

    oooo booo wooo cry me a river, guess you think you the first person on earth to get married, get separated in 72dys and then make the same mistake as in the previous marriage get involved with another man o but wait you are the for the 72dy marriage sweet heart you are no different than any other women, man everything that has happen to you has been by your choice, so you got knocked up while still married and dealing with a divorce by your choice which means you stopped taking your birth control pills which on national TV you made it clear that you were not going to stop taking them with your husband Kris Humphries to get pregnant so you stop on purpose to get pregnant which makes one assume that this was part of your plan so that a judge can rule faster on your divorce, chile I hope this judge see right through lil plan and deny it all and this divorce is not settle till after you have your child poor baby, and correct anybody if am wrong since Kanye can;'t cant sign as father then that means the child takes your married name by law of Humphries lol but I could be wrong.

  • Betsy Jo Cortez
    Betsy Jo Cortez

    If ms. kardashian is so hot to start her new full life, why doesn't she just give kris humphries whatever he wants in the divorce or annulment? kim kardashian has made one bad choice after another and then whines about it. I keep hoping everyone will get tired of her so we do not have to see this stuff clogging up the media anymore.

  • Buffy

    She has gotten on with her life - she is knocked up by another guy. One has nothing to do with the other. Ms. Kardashian/Humphries - plenty of people do all sorts of things while they are pregnant - including get divorced, get married, work, raise a family - I could go on. Other seem to do it - why can't you? This is one of those cases - you made your bed, now lay in it!!!!! Put on your big girl pants and move on.

  • Imes-Roblero Amber
    Imes-Roblero Amber

    OK HUMP leave her alone dont you know when your not wanted? Or maybe he's to "spechel" to understand

  • henry hill
    henry hill

    CORRECTION: she is not a starlet...a harlot, yes, but most certainly NOT a starlet. Starlet indicates talent.

  • Christina Maria Torr
    Christina Maria Torr

    I just hope yu didn't rush in to another failure. irs marriage now a baby and till married to aother man. yu do fall too quick.

  • Kristie E
    Kristie E


  • lolarites

    Sympathy can be found between sh*t and syphilis in the dictionary.