Marisa Zanuck Says There’s No Reason to Cry Over Spilled Wine

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In the wise words of Marisa Zanuck – “Take a chill pill and relax!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

On screen and off, the ladies of The Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills can never escape the drama, even if it’s on the internet. Zanuck and co-star Yolanda Foster engaged in a Twitter war of words on Tuesday, after Zanuck mentioned Foster’s name in a blog posting, which didn’t go over well with the former model.

“At the end of the day this is just manufactured drama,” Zanuck told Celebuzz. “Life is too short to take things so seriously.”

In her Bravo blog, which detailed the women’s recent misadventures in Sin City, the real estate agent recalled spilling on her dress and Foster’s shocked expression, all of which were chronicled in the episode Feb. 5: “I spilled red wine on my dress, which was enough to shift the energy temporarily. Most of the women were helpful and that was very sweet, but Yolanda just gave me a disapproving stare,” she wrote. “Not sure where that came from. All I could think was ‘Thank God I didn’t spill that red wine at Yolanda’s house because if it upset her in Vegas, I would really be up s— creek in Malibu.'”

But that wasn’t all.

“Maybe Yolanda has never spilled a drink before, which wouldn’t surprise me since her life is so pristine and perfect that it just wouldn’t fit in with her image.”

Foster later took to her Twitter to vent that the post was “bitter,” adding, “jealousy is an ugly thing, spread love sweetheart not hate…”

Zanuck, dumbfounded by the apparent attack, replied to Foster’s tweets by replying, “I think ur reading into this more than necessary, I wouldn’t want to spill wine at anyone’s house!”

While cattiness always seems to be at the center of the hit reality show, Zanuck is ready to take her fingers off the keypad and wipe the computer screen clean by moving forward, she tells Celebuzz.

“It really saddens me that Yolanda chose a very public forum to attack me by calling me bitter and jealous,” she said. “Yolanda went on to advise me to spread love and not hate, yet her insults seem to contradict that message.

“Hello, this is about spilling wine for goodness sake.”

Do you think these Beverly Hills Houswives took things too far? Weigh in below.

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