‘Supernatural’ EP Previews the Guys’ ‘Home Base’ and a ‘Powerful Weapon Against’ Them

'SPN' Daddy Issues
Time travel takes daddy issues to a whole new level.
All season long on The CW’s Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) have been on a mission to close the gates of hell forever by “decoding” special tablets with the word of God on them.

And after meeting their paternal grandfather, they both are better set up to do so. But, they’re also in more danger from important information falling into the wrong people’s (or demons’, as the case usually is) hands.

On “As Time Goes By,” Sam and Dean walked away with a very special key of knowledge and the instructions to toss into this safe house, so to speak, close the door, and walk away forever. But those instructions came from an old-timer, and not one they know, like their dad, so they’re not about to do everything by this guy’s book.

Nor should the audience assume that the advice of locking up the box and walking away should be foreshadowing on how the boys should handle the tablets. After all, when have we ever known them to just walk away from a fight?

“This all plays into the tablet business, but for instance, if Crowley got his hands on the angel tablet and could somehow decipher it, that would be a bad thing. The information that’s contained in this “Men of Letters” bunker, if it fell into the wrong hands, could be quite a powerful weapon against the boys. So it has to remain a secret and be guarded closely. As we go down the line for the rest of this year, hopefully next year, [those] sort of dramatic turns will take place because this is an important place,” Supernatural executive producer Bob Singer said.

In fact, finding this location, as the brothers planned to do at the end of “As Time Goes By,” sets them up with a pretty sweet arrangement that anyone in their position (a year on the run, a year in Purgatory —for Dean — and decades of living out of their trunk and seedy motels) would be loathe to just pass up.

“The boys need a place where they can decompress, have their bromance moments… It’s full of mysteries. It becomes kind of a home base for the boys. We’re really excited about it,” Singer said.

“When they go in there, it’s pristine. Everything’s been sort of hermetically sealed, as it was. It’s perfectly neat, and the only sign that someone had to get out of there in a hurry is a chess game in progress and an ashtray of cigarettes.”

But more than just a physical location, the meaning behind the “Men of Letters” is profound and really the driving force that sends the story on its next direction. Though Singer shared that there are no other remaining men from this society, the wealth of information that they left behind is extraordinary.

“If you took dad’s journal and multiplied it times 100, it’s got every source of information that would be interesting to the boys,” Singer said.

“Of course, when they get in there, Sam is fully immersed in the place, and Dean’s just happy to have his own room… He says to Sam, ‘If you want to do this geek stuff, that’s fine with me, but I’m just digging this’.”

According to Singer, “Sam is more the brain, and Dean is more the brawn,” and that difference of personalities will come into play greatly in the next part of the season arc in which they go after the tablets and deal with the trials.

“What you’ll what happens in subsequent episodes is another kind of conflict between them, but it’s not necessarily the conflict of ‘Do I want to do this?’ or ‘What’s my plans beyond closing the gates of hell?’ or anything like that. It’s a new kind of conflict. Like always, there’s always something going on!” Singer said.

“But I think it’s a good separation of character for the two of them that one has dreams—one allows himself to dream—and the other is much more fatalistic…I would hope that whenever we bring the curtain down, that Dean would find some peace. And if I have anything to say about it, he will.”

But as for whether or not the boys are about to encounter even more tablets to challenge their plans first? Singer confirmed they would not—at least not thisseason.

“We have the demon tablet, the angel tablet, and the Leviathan tablet; that’s about all the tablets we can handle!” Singer said.

Supernatural airs on Wednesday nights at 9 PM on The CW.

Are you excited to see the boys settle down a little bit? And how do you want to see Sam and Dean put their respective brains and brawn together to close the gates of hell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Danielle Turchiano

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