The 12 Fashion-Week Fixtures You Should Know

Stars at Paris Fashion Week
The best-dressed stars at the Paris 2013 Spring runway shows.
Couture Fashion Week
See who brought some serious style to Paris for the spring couture shows .
Everyone knows that watching the latest fashions come down the runways is only half the fun of New York Fashion Week. The rest comes from watching the crowd.

During those stylish seven days, ninety-year-old socialites wearing fuchsia lipstick, 20-something bloggers in furry vests, and famed editors with sunglasses in hand, all converge in one spot. Dressed in all the latest styles and their most creative styling masterpieces, fashion’s finest doesn’t just fill the front rows to watch the shows — they’re also part of the fashion shows.

These days, the fashion lining the front rows is just as inspiring as the fashion coming down the runways. As all these chic characters — the editors, celebs, stylists and bloggers — gear up for another round of fashion week, we’re here to help you prep for the posh people-watching that lies ahead.

Let our front-row fashion week cheat sheet be your guide to the stylish stars you should be googling and oogling at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.

When all that amazing style and fabulous personalities come together, a mix of creative genius and craziness is sure to ensue. Sometimes people play nice (remember when Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour were snapped together in the front row?). And sometimes things don’t go so well…

Last season, major drama erupted at the Zac Posen show when a Parisian editor reportedly slapped a publicist after her mother was denied a seat. (The takeaway: Don’t mess with the French!).

But the whose-who of fashion doesn’t just know how to bring the drama, they also know how to put together an outfit with flair. And trust us, there are some trendsetters you’re gonna want to be on the look out for during the next seven style-filled days.

Before the first set of shows kick off on Wednesday, study our guide to the whose-who of New York Fashion Week, so you know whose outfit you’re lusting after. Plus, find out how they earned their very coveted front-row seats (they weren’t all born into fashion royalty), and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next to follow in their fashionable footsteps.

Check out our New York Fashion Week front-row cheat sheet to get to know the who’s-who of the fashion world.

Who are you most excited to see filling the front row at NYFW? Share your street style and front row favorites below.

Check out all the highlights from last season’s shows below.

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