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What you had to say about last week's best TV.
TV watchers, what a week it’s been! 30 Rock ended. A new season of Smash premiered. It was somehow Halloween on The Carrie Diaries.

Celebuzz recaps many TV shows, but we also really love hearing from you. That is why we feature your comments about today’s best TV programs in a weekly feature called TV Recap: Fan Edition. If you would like to have your thoughts and opinions featured, simply leave comments on any of our TV recap posts. Then tune in next week to see if your comment has been selected.

See some of our favorite user recap comments after the jump.

“I doubt that many Oklahomans out of the bunch the judges saw will make it pass Hollywood week. It is unfortunate; I did not notice the seriously talented OCU college students auditioning. American Idol should host their auditions at OCU in Oklahoma should they go back there, and the college should encourage the students to audition.Many former OCU students have gone on and pursued performance related careers. I attended many musicals at OCU, and the talent was excellent. Oklahoma was not represented in the best light last night. In the future, I strongly encourage the OCU, OU, OBU and other colleges performing arts majors to show up at the American Idol auditions and represent.” – AnotherOpinion, who has strong opinions about this week’s American Idol.

“I wanted to add that I’ve read comments from fans saying that Henry doesn’t fit canon because John said he was a mechanic from a family of mechanics. I thought about this and realized that it does fit canon if John is referring to his mother’s side of the family. Why couldn’t they be mechanics? As for the older fellow in the diner in 1973 who asks young John to say hello to his old man couldn’t that be a step father? John’s mom would have likely remarried after Henry was gone for so many years?” – Cindy Shufelt Givens, making a good point about Supernatural canon.

Lastly, Blerg had this to say about the series finale of 30 Rock:


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