Watch: Kristin Cavallari Explains Why She’s Stalling a ‘Hills’ Reunion

Kristin's Post Baby Body
Kristin Cavallari shows off her slim figure twice in one day.
In life, people are often faced with tough, hard-hitting questions. To be or not to be? Is there a God? What is the meaning of life, anyway?

For Kristin Cavallari, though, one question always seems to creep up: Would she ever consider filming a reunion of The Hills?

Celebuzz asked the 26-year-old mom that very question at her jewelry launch on Tuesday, during which she made it clear that getting the MTV gang back in front of the cameras will probably never, ever happen.

“I just don’t know what we would do it about,” Cavallari told Celebuzz.

“So much has happened in my life since The Hills,” Cavillari — who welcomed son Camden in 2012 — continued. “For me to mentally go back to the place would be difficult. I’ve sort of moved on from it all.”

“We’ll see. I don’t see it actually happening.”

The question was prompted by an interview that Cavallari’s co-star, Lo Bosworth, gave to Celebuzz in December. In it, she said she “would love” to see a Hills reunion happen, even if she probably wouldn’t do it, either.

“I know enough about reality TV and what goes into making shows at this point that I would be hard pressed to participate myself unless I had some control in the editing room,” she explained.

“Even if I didn’t participate, which I probably wouldn’t, I would love it to happen just so I can see what’s going on with everybody else,” she then added.

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