Courtney Stodden Goes For Gold Bra, Hot Pants For Final Music Video Scene (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

The 18-year-old gets in touch with her inner-Cleopatra for 'Reality's' final scene. Sniff!

All hail queen Courtney!

Courtney Stodden, America's favorite teen bride, recently filmed the final scene for her debut music video, "Reality," in which the infamous 18-year-old donned a gold underwear set as she was carried through the streets of Los Angeles by four scantily clad men.

Stodden -- who rose to fame in 2011 when she married Doug Hutchison at the age of 16 -- kept her signature style in tact during the shoot, showing off her blonde locks, sky-high platform heels and a whole lot of skin as production winded down.

Hutchison, meanwhile, stayed close by his bride's side at the shoot, as he has done for its entire production.

As Celebuzz has reported many, many, many times, Stodden plays a temptress of sorts who wins over a nerd with a body of gold, played by Nick Uzarski.

No word yet on when the video will actually premiere. But if these latest photos are any indication, the whole thing is going to be, uh, something.

When we last saw Stodden, she was catching a few rays outside her Los Angeles home, wearing nothing but a giant black bikini, a sunhat and, of course, platform heels, which she wore while taking her dog, Dourtney, out for a walk.

She was also kind enough to take us behind the scenes of "Reality," which you can check out in the video, below.

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  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith

    Regardless of how you feel about her, suicide is not to be taken lightly, don't joke about that.

  • bob

    her legs are so skinny they could be used as pipe cleaners.

  • Yuck

    Her legs are so far apart and soo damn skinny. Eat. So sad that she thinks she's sexy. She's nothing more than an over sexualized little girl being taken advantage of by a psychotic old man.

  • William

    she can't sing

  • bebe

    She rocks that anorexic crack ho look, seriously. This girl is scary skinny.

  • Willow

    Whoa this "girl"-who i still think is really a 40 year old woman, but that's beside the point-is busted!!!!!!!!

  • agdutra99jy

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  • dave

    lady ga gas future mistress

  • dave

    she is soooooooo smokinnnnn???

  • Geski

    The only complaint I have about Courtney is it is not me she is rolling around with. Very cute and hot!

  • Anonymous but concerned
    Anonymous but concerned

    Poor girl. Probably will commit suicide within a few years...

  • patti

    Is she going for the 40 year old tired hooker look ? She does not look 18 - whoever is giving her image advice must really hate her.

  • Amy Grendzinski
    Amy Grendzinski

    Where is her pole and where is her Cheeseburger?? she is scary skinny and not sexy!


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