Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams Bites Back at Her Haters

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Despite an avalanche of unfair criticism, Michelle Williams claims she had a fabulous time at her Super Bowl XLVII performance with Destiny’s Child.

“Oh, the Super Bowl was beautiful,” Williams told Billboard of Destiny’s Child’s much-anticipated reunion.

“When three good girlfriends are together, you’re free and you don’t care who’s around; you’re just trying to catch up and be goofy. I had a blast.”

Though some naysayers didn’t share her opinion. Gawker claimed that there was “fear in Michelle’s eyes,” during Sunday’s performance, and Buzzfeed created a whole post around a website titled “Poor Michelle” — a compilation of all the times William’s has supposedly gotten the “Short end of the Destiny’s Child stick.”

Even singer singer Keyshia Cole slammed Williams on Sunday, nastily tweeting, “Then Michell sung and woke my a** up from my daze! She always fu**N the groove up.”

But Williams, who is currently touring with Fela! begs to differ when it comes to her Super Bowl showing.

“People at home watching… they don’t catch the moments where, like in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ pose, I was smiling. We were all smiling,” the singer explained. “I was laughing with my girls. I don’t care what anybody else says. I don’t let it get me down.”

She even goes so far as to say, she would be game for getting together again. Which begs the question, will they reunite in the near future? To which, Williams was appropriately vague, but didn’t totally shoot down the possibility.

“Who knows,” she says. “It’s a possibility. I think this was a good moment, and it felt good for all of us and you definitely want those moments again.”

And we agree, we’d be down for another performance by the Bootylicious Beyonce and her babes — and we’ll bet Williams will be flashing a big ol’ smile in the future.

So, did Williams get the short end of the stick? Tell  us what you think in the comments below.

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